You can relax and refresh your body by getting steam baths regularly. According to Wikipedia, “A steam bath is a steam-filled room for the purpose of relaxation and cleansing. It has a long history, going back to Greek and Roman times.” While taking a steam bath, you have the option to choose from two types of steam-filled rooms provided by spas – steam rooms and saunas.


A steam room and sauna differ from each other in several aspects – the type of heat, temperature, and humidity. You can leverage the same health benefits by choosing either a sauna or a steam room. But you can get the most out of the steam bath only by keeping in mind the key differences between steam and sauna therapy.


Differences You Should Consider While Choosing from Steam and Sauna Therapy

Type of Heat

A steam room and sauna differ from each other primarily in the category of the type of heat. The spas use a generator filled with boiling water to heat a steam room. Hence, a steam room provides your body with moist heat. On the other hand, the spas heat a sauna using a closed stove or hot rocks. Hence, the saunas provide your body with dry heat. You must remember that moist heat penetrates tissues more deeply and increases blood flow more quickly than dry heat.


Temperature and Humidity

The spas heat steam rooms between 100°F and 120°F. But they heat a sauna between 180°F and 195°F. But saunas deliver no humidity, while steam rooms produce 100% humidity. The humidity makes a steam room feel hotter than a sauna. This makes your body less hydrated by reducing your body’s ability to sweat. Also, the humidity makes steam therapy more relaxing than sauna therapy.


Health Benefits

As many physicians have highlighted you can leverage the same health benefits by getting either steam or sauna therapy. Each of these alternative therapies will refresh, relax, and cleanse your body providing heat. Also, you can get alternative therapies to avail of the following benefits.

  1. Improve blood circulation
  2. Lower blood pressure
  3. Cleanse and rejuvenate your skin
  4. Boost the immune system
  5. Reduce joint pain
  6. Relax stressed muscles
  7. Relieve physical and mental stress


The heat provided by the steam room or sauna will make you feel dehydrated. The physicians will advise you not to spend more than 30 minutes in a steam room or sauna. Also, you must take regular breaks during the steam therapy session to keep your body hydrated by drinking water. You can easily reduce the risks associated with steam therapy by keeping your body hydrated before, during, and after the session.


Preparation and Aftercare

The therapists will advise you to keep your body hydrated by drinking plenty of water before and after the steam therapy session. Many spas allow you to undress completely while getting steam therapy. But you can wear a loose-fitting shirt or use a cotton towel if you do not feel comfortable undressing. You must prevent bacterial infections only by sitting on a towel. Also, you must consult the spa therapist to learn how to keep your body refreshed and relaxed after the steam and sauna therapy session.


Things to Consider

You can leverage a slew of health benefits by visiting a steam room or sauna regularly. You can even get steam therapy several times a week. But the physicians will advise you to spend about 5 to 10 minutes in a steam room or sauna during your first steam therapy session. You can prepare yourself properly for the steam therapy sessions based on the initial experience.


In the End

You can cleanse, refresh, and relax your body by getting either steam therapy or sauna therapy. But you must remember that steam and sauna therapies differ from each other primarily in the category of heat. You can opt for a sauna to get dry heat, while the steam room will provide you with moist heat. Hence, you must keep in mind these important differences between steam therapy and sauna therapy to leverage the desired health benefits.

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