What Causes Under-Eye Wrinkles?

As we get older, it is normal for eye wrinkles and fine lines to develop. This is because the levels of collagen begin to decrease; which affects the hydration and elasticity of the skin. When levels of collagen decrease, it means that cells are less able to renew themselves.  

While the development of these wrinkles is completely normal, many people don’t like them. They can make you appear tired and older than you are. This is why products and treatments have been developed which help to reduce noticeable under-eye wrinkles.


5 Ways to Avoid and Treat Under-Eye Wrinkles

Face Masks - Regularly using face masks can help to hydrate and nourish the skin. There are masks that are designed specifically for the under-eye area. This means that you are able to target the area with products which are dedicated to reducing puffiness and the appearance of wrinkles.

Moisturise - Many eye creams on the market will help to moisturise the skin. This can reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Applying a dedicated eye cream under the eyes is an easy way of making sure that your skin looks at its best. Many of them will include wrinkle-fighting ingredients such as retinol and vitamin E. 

Hydrating Oils - In a similar way to moisturisers, oils work to hydrate the skin and improve the look of lines and under-eye wrinkles. Dry and dehydrated skin is more susceptible to developing wrinkles. You can use oil either by itself or alongside a moisturiser as part of your beauty regime. Regularly using a hydrating oil on your under-eye area will help to lock in moisture. It can also give the skin a plump, healthy look and reduce puffiness. 

Facial Massage - Facial massage can help to improve blood flow and reduce the look of puffy eyes. When performed by a professional, acupressure massage can improve circulation, stimulate the lymphatic system and improve skin tone..

Microneedling - When performed by a qualified therapist, microneedling is an effective beauty treatment for dealing with wrinkles. It can also reduce lines and under-eye puffiness. Microneedling can also increase the effectiveness of products which are applied to the skin as well as promoting the production of collagen. This works to reduce the appearance of lines, wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes. 

Questions & Answers

Q: I want to try microneedling, where can I find a therapist?

Ans: It is always best to use a fully qualified therapist for microneedling treatments. The PamperTree website has a world of therapists at your fingertips. Simply type your requirements into the search engine and filter the results to show salons and mobile beauty therapists in your area. Our database also includes customer reviews and the option to book an appointment through the website. This means that choosing your perfect beautician is quick and easy.

Q: Can I have a facial massage at home?

Ans: Yes. There are a number of mobile massage therapists listed on our website who would be happy to offer their services in the comfort of your home. When looking for a massage therapist on the website, you can filter the results so that you are only shown the ones which offer mobile treatment options.

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