Kate's Hairdressing & Cut Unisex

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16 Sark Close, Heston, Hounslow TW5… View on map.

Kate's Hairdressing & Cut Unisex offers a wide range of professional hair care services, and is a home-based hair salon in Hounslow, London. This amazing hair stylist, who is creative, committed and friendly, makes you feel and look fabulous after every treatment,. Whether you need a quick wet haircut, a full head of highlights or a reviving blow dry, the best service and long lasting results are guaranteed.

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Men's Haircut (30 Min)
Blow Dry (25 Min)
Wash, Haircut & Blow… (60 Min)
Balayage (90 Min)

Reids Hair Salon

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471 Roman Road, Bow, London E3 5LX,… View on map.

The Reids Hair Salon is a family-owned company on Roman Road, offering a range of hairdressing services for men, women, and children including cuts, colouring, conditioning, and smoothing treatments all which are provided by a team of highly trained professionals who have a passion for customer care, combined with using a range of well known brands such as Well and Vidal Sasson to achieve the best and long-lasting results you desire. The team are constantly evolving over time and provide all the classics, but also more insta-worthy balayage or semi-straightening X-tenso treatments. Bow Street station is just a fifteen minute walk away or there are paid parking facilities opposite the entrance.

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Men - Wash & Haircut… (30 Min)
Ladies - Balayage &… (90 Min)

Signature Lengths

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126 London Road, Neath, Neath Port… View on map.

Located in Neath, Neath Port Talbot,is Signature Lengths, a salon specialisingin hair extensions and a range of hairdressing services. The highly trained and dedicatedstaff have years of experience working with hair and are absolute perfectionists when it comes achieving the perfect locks

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Hair Extensions consultation (20 Min)
Haircuts and Hairdressing (30 Min)
Blow Dry (60 Min)
Balayage (60 Min)

Hair Beautique Salon

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611 Romford Road, Manor Park, London… View on map.

Located in Woodgreen, London, Hair Beautique provides outstandingcolouring, cutting and styling treatments with excellent service, just a few minutes’walk away from Woodgreen Tube Station on the Piccadilly line. Hairdressing is not just about technique, but also about listening to customers carefully in order to understand more thoroughly what works for them. They are cutting and colouring experts and they love to create and innovate! Whether you're looking for inspiration for your next style or a new vibrantcolour or highlights, Hair Beautique's team would be pleased to meet youand help you achieveyour dream hair.

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Ladies - Wash & Blow… (30 Min)
Ladies - Balayage &… (120 Min)

Remix Hair & Beauty

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184 Broadhurst Gardens, West Hampstead,… View on map.

Remix Hair and Beauty is an elegant salon located minutes away from West Hampstead. They useleading industry brands like Redken, Olaplex and L'Oréal toprovide outstanding lasting resultsand ensure a radiant and durable finish. The staffs at this beautiful salon arewarm and welcoming, offering a complimentary drink the moment you arrive.Vibrant walls are finished with soft lighting, classical touches and a rustic bar room creating a cosy, unique environment.Their professionalteam are handpicked for its precision, creativityand individuality and are tasked with ensuring that you receivean unrivalled service. Remix Hair & Beauty combine lovely decoration andoutstanding service to make yourhair and beauty experience unforgettable.

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Shape & Polish -Hand (30 Min)
Men's Manicure (60 Min)
Brazilian Wax (30 Min)
£28.00   £25.00   89 Off
Hollywood Wax (30 Min)
£35.00   £30.00   86 Off

Beautiful Woman Hair & Beauty

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10 Long Drive, London HA4 6TP, UK View on map.

VisitBeautiful Woman Hair & Beauty to enjoy aluxury haircut, pretty manicure, waxing and facial treatments or a relaxing massage. The modern hair and beauty salon is the perfect place to relax in a chic setting and friendly atmosphere.I ts dream team of highly trained beauty therapists workwith careand dedication to give you an impeccable finish with the leading brands like Wella, GHD, CND Shellac and OPI. With the wide ranging menuincludingchic hair colouring and design, glitzy pedicures, luxurious hot waxing and much more, you will be spoilt for choice! Beautifulwoman stands out from the rest with itscollaboration with Sonic Medical, allowing them to rejuvenate the skin with the A-list facial usingthe Diamond Elite system–a very famous one which promises to leave you feeling refreshed! Only a few moments away from the South Ruislip underground station, beautiful woman is the perfect place to relax and treat yourself to abeauty makeover!

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Eyebrow Threading (15 Min)
finger to wrist (15 Min)
Eyebrow Waxing (15 Min)
Half Hand (15 Min)

Balayage & Ombre in London

Treat Yourself To A Balayage & Ombre

London is home to many fantastic health and beauty treatments and the salons are always up to date with the latest trends, whether they have come from overseas or are home grown and the huge selection of hair treatments available are no exception. Hair colouring is one of the most popular hair treatments available in hairsalons, with so many colours and styles on offer, clients are often overwhelmed with all of the choice! Balayage and ombre treatments are some of the most popular!

Treat Yourself To A Balayage & Ombre

London is home to many fantastic health and beauty treatments and the salons are always up to date with the latest trends, whether they have come from overseas or are home grown and the huge selection of hair treatments available are no exception. Hair colouring is one of the most popular hair treatments available in hairsalons, with so many colours and styles on offer, clients are often overwhelmed with all of the choice! Balayage and ombre treatments are some of the most popular!

Try Something New With A Balayage Or Ombre

The professional and highly skilled hair stylists will discuss with each client what look they are hoping to achieve and will provide expert advice on all treatments to ensure you receive a gorgeous hair treatment that you adore. Some clients may not know the difference between balayage and ombre and so here is an explanation on the balayage meaning in comparison to the ombre hair meaning.

Hair Painting Is The New Trend With Balayage

For balayage, the colour is painted through the hair with a sweeping motion to create a natural sun kissed glow colour and this treatment is best for clients with dry or fragile hair as it is a graduated highlighted look that doesn’t need as much hair bleaching. Ombre hair involves more bleaching and creates a look of dark to light highlights that gradually fade out from top to bottom.

Add Some Dimension To Your Locks

The balayage hair stylists hand paint the hair aiming for a three dimensional blend of colour which accentuates the hair colour and brightens the look with the use of light and dark highlights. The balayage hair dyeis often described as hair painting although the treatment is a lot more complex than it sounds. Clients love the effect of hair balayage and it has gradually become one of the most popular hair styles instead of a simple full colouring treatment.

Why not try ombre instead?

An ombre requires more bleaching as the ends of the hair are a lot lighter than the dark roots as it slowly fades down to the ends which creates a gorgeous dip dye look. Sombre is also available in many salons and is a softer version of ombre, the colour is blended differently making the hair darker throughout yet still leaving the tips of the hair lighter. Another option is the copper balayage ombre which combines both treatments for the ultimate stand out effect of beautiful copper tones that really shows off fabulous hair!

There Are So Many Other Variations Of Both Balayge & Ombre

While balayage and ombre are the original hair treatments, they are always being altered by the skilled hair specialists to fit in with the latest trends. These alternate treatments include “Babylights” which are a lighter, more natural version of highlights. A “colour melt” blends two colours together to create a look with no harsh lines or clear definition for a seamless melted appearance. “Ecaille” blends different shades of caramel, golden and honey blondes to create a softer look than that of ombre as the colours melt together.

Try Something Completely Unique

Clients are highly impressed with the various options of balayage and ombre available provided by the highly skilled and experienced hair stylists in London and no matter your natural hair colour, there will be a gorgeous ombre shade that is perfect for you! For an even bigger show stopping look, the bold clients can opt for a shade of pistachio or sapphire for the balayage or ombre for a beautiful blend of bright colour.

Find The Best Salons In London For These Colouring Treatments

Both balayage and ombre are highly specialised treatments and only fully trained and highly skilled hair stylists are able to perform them and these specialists can be found on PamperTree’s huge directory. Top Rated salons for balayage and ombre in London are advertised and many are even award winning in various treatments and so clients are certainly guaranteed a first class service for stunning hair with long lasting results!

Check Out The Venues Close To Home

All salons on PamperTree are also provided with verified ratings and reviews from previous customers for clients to easily browse through and find the best salons as proven by the reviews. Clients are able to perform a quick search of “balayage near me” and with the input of your postcode, we will find the salons closest to you that still offer the best balayage in London from professional and talented hair stylists.

Completely Change Your Entire Look With A Balage Or Ombre

Whether you are looking for a natural highlight or something a little bit more extravagant that is perfect for special occasions especially holidays, the balayage is a popular choice for many reasons. It is a low maintenance treatment that offers versatility and clients love how the hair becomes face framing. Balayage or ombre is an ideal treatment perfect for all clients who love traditional highlights with a twist!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Balayage & Ombre in London

What is balayage?

Balayage is a French term that means to sweep. While visiting a hair salon, you can transform the colour and style of your hair by opting for balayage as a hair highlighting technique. Unlike other highlighting techniques, balayage does not require the hairdresser to use foils. Instead, the hairdresser uses balayage as a technique to hair-paint colour onto your hair directly. Many hair salons in London allow you to choose from several types of balayage.

Can I choose from several types of balayage?

You should opt for balayage as a hair highlighting technique instead of hair colour. While using this hair highlighting technique, the hairstylist will make your hair sun-lightened naturally by applying a variety of colours – black, red, brunette, blonde, copper, caramel, and dark brown. Also, you have the option to choose from several balayage hairstyles according to your hair type – straight, short, bob, and wavy.

What is an ombre?

Ombre is a French term that means shadow or shades. You can opt for ombre as a two-toned hair colour to make your hair appear shadowed by blending two colour hues. While applying ombre, the hairstylist will make the hair roots appear deeper and the hair ends appear lighter. You have the option to combine many colour hues to make your ombre hair more stylish and different.

Can I choose from several types of ombre?

When you opt for ombre, you can choose from and combine multiple colour hues. Many hair salons allow you to choose from multiple variations of ombre, including sombre and colour melting. When you opt for sombre, the hairstylist will combine two colour hues with softer differences. But she will combine multiple shades and apply multiple shades on every strand of hair when you opt for colour melting.


How do balayage and ombre differ from each other?

Balayage is a hair highlighting technique, while ombre is a two-toned hair colour. You have the option to choose from several variations of ombre and balayage. But you must keep in mind the primary differences between balayage and ombre to transform your hair colour in the desired way.
While using balayage, the hairstylist does not combine two colour hues. Hence, she applies the colour vertically. But she applies the two colours horizontally when performing ombre. The two colour hues blend seamlessly in the mid-way to transition your hair.

However, you have the option to combine balayage and ombre to leverage the benefits of the hair colour and hair colouring technique simultaneously.

When should I opt for balayage?

You can accentual every hairstyle by getting balayage. But you should not opt for balayage when you want to change the natural colour of your hair. Balayage will make your hair look stylish and different by adding a natural effect.

When should I opt for ombre?

Ombre allows you to experiment with multiple colour hues. Hence, you can combine the appropriate shades to make a statement or appear creative and adventurous. But various variations of ombre will make your hair more appealing only when the hair is healthy. You should improve the health of your hair by applying hair conditioners and masks before getting an ombre.


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