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Hair Colouring, Highlights, Lowlights in Manchester

Change Up Your Hair With Colour, Highlights & Lowlights

Change Up Your Hair With Colour, Highlights & Lowlights

When you want not only to give your hair some TLC, but inject some pizzazz into your look too, then you are likely to decide on a colour, maybe a full colour or perhaps some highlights or lowlights. When it comes to fresh ideas about hair colouring, highlights, lowlights, Manchester hair stylists create a look which will be perfectly suited for you.

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Find Colouring Specialist Salons in Manchester

Amongst the listings on PamperTree you will discover the salons and the colourists who are award holders past and present, in the spotlight for their creative colouring services. You can be transformed - creating a fresh new version of you. Follow-up appointments will keep your colour fresh and those roots at bay.

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Think About Your Options

The expert colourist will talk you through the options in your one to one consultation and no matter whether yours is the classic colour, balayage, creative colouring, highlights or lowlights, your hairdresser will create the look you have in mind, but you can be sure they are also using the finest products and up to the minute techniques. Hair Colouring Manchester means highlights to many clients and the classic highlight which gives the sun-kissed look is still extremely popular. It is a technique which is beloved because of its ability to frame the face, adding light and making a more youthful appearance.

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Acclaimed Venues for Colouring, Highlights And Lowlights

For hair colouring near Manchester city centre, there are the nationally acclaimed salons on the main shopping streets and boutique salons hidden away off the main thoroughfares. With so many talented colourists for hair colouring lowlights and highlights, Manchestersalons deserve their reputation for superb and inspirational colour treatments which will make your hair look vibrant and alive. For clients looking for hair lowlights, Manchester ladies can choose from a wide range of effects and for hair highlights Manchester ladies sport the multi-tonal hair colouring or the scattering of highlights for the newbies to hair colour.

Why not be adventurous and try a new colour?

For the bolder clients, never shy of making a statement, there are the bleach and tone techniques which will deliver on hair which will be show-stopping. If you are a client who is free-minded and not afraid to follow the latest on trend colours, a plethora of rainbow tones are yours, or with chromecasting you can give your stylist a free hand to turn your hair into a bespoke masterpiece.All age groups are currently throwing aside their inhibitions and going for luxuriously extravagant effects which are an absolute vision, perfected to complement the client’s skin tone and their dress style.

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Wherever You Are, We Are Here To Help

PamperTree has listings for all types of hair stylists and colourists in Manchester and so whether it is a subtle effect you want and so are seeking out the best salon for hair lowlights near Manchester financial areas, handy for your office for a late booking before you leave town for home, or are making a pampering day for yourself, taking the time out to radically transform your whole look and maybe seeking suggestions from the salon staff before you make the ultimate decision, then the choice is vast! The number of excellent, even celebrity hairdressers available for hair colouring and highlights near Manchester main shopping areas seems endless and you can even find yourself sitting next to the television stars from Media City or even Victoria Beckham!

Put some colour in your life and discover a new you! If you are interested in what one of these Manchester salons near you can do for you, there is no better place to find the best than right here.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Hair Colouring, Highlights, Lowlights in Manchester

What is single-process hair colouring?

As its name suggests, single-process hair colouring transforms the natural colour of your hair using a single colour. The hairstylist will apply your choice of hair colour in a single step. The procedure will make your hair appear either a few shades lighter or a few shades darker than the base colour.

What is hair highlights?

Unlike single process colour, hair highlights make the dyed or bleached sections of your hair a few shaded lighter than the base colour. While applying highlights, the hairstylists use a variety of techniques. You can opt for hair highlights to add both movement and dimension to the natural hair colour. 

What is hair lowlights?

Lowlights make several sections of the hair a few shades darker than the natural hair colour. While applying lowlights, the hairstylist will use the appropriate technique to add dimension or contrast to your natural hair colour. You should opt for lowlights to add contrast, depth, and texture to the natural hair colour.

How does hair highlights differ from hair lowlights?

Highlights make your hair two to three shades lighter than the base colour. Hence, you can opt for highlights to make the hair appear brighter and more solid. The hairstylists create hair highlights using a variety of techniques.

On the other hand, lowlights will make your hair appear two to three shades darker than the base colour. You can get lowlights to add both dimensions and richness to the natural hair by deepening the natural hair colour.

Both highlights and lowlights change the natural colour of your hair for several months. But highlights need more maintenance than lowlights to remain fresh and appealing. You need to touch up the highlighted hair regularly to make your hair appear brighter. 

Can I get hair highlights and lowlights at a time?

Most hair salons offer highlights and lowlights as different hair colouring options. But you have the option to get highlights and lowlights at a time. The hairstylist will make the hair colour more natural and hair more textured by applying highlights and lowlights together. However, the hairstylist will advise you to complement the base colour by adding a few lowlights to your highlighted hair. 

How frequently should I get highlights and lowlights?

Both highlights and lowlights last for about two to three months. But you can keep the highlights fresh for a longer duration by getting the hair colour touched up every three to five weeks. The hairdresser will restore the original look and appeal of the colour by retouching the roots of the highlighted hair.

How can I make the highlights last longer?

You can easily make the highlights last longer by following the aftercare instructions shared by the hairstylist.

  • Use a shampoo containing colour protecting formula
  • Protect the highlighted hair from heat and sunlight
  • Make the hair retain moisture
  • Add a water filter to your shower
What is the average cost of highlights and lowlights?

The cost of highlights and lowlights differ across hair salons and hairstylists. You have to pay more when you opt for an upmarket hair salon or an experienced hairstylist. But both hair highlights and lowlights will require you to spend more than single-process hair colouring. 

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