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Ear Piercing in Manchester

Manchester beauticians for stunning ear piercing!

Manchester beauticians for stunning ear piercing!

Personal expression in their beauty treatments is an essential for many and there are many types of ear piercing in Manchester to fulfill everyone’s ideas of adornment! Just as with any other form of fashion symbol the type of piercing you go for should complement your overall look and these cool statements are now officially high on the list of body adornments chosen by those making an individual piece or following the trend.

A wide variety of gorgeous options!

Quite possibly the first piercing most of us had was the standard lobe piercing, but many now take a moment to consider the best place which will complement their style or re-piercing ears from that initial single earring, is a move forward. As afficionados of the more adventurous types, clients opt for a range of locations on all parts of the ear when seeking a more dramatic effect. These can range from Industrial piercing, also known as Scaffold piercing, where two holes are connected often by an earring in the form of an arrow, to ear weaving piercings where several perforations are connected to each other by one piece of jewelry, most often a spiral. This is a complex piercing and can be a little painful but dramatic!

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Find the professional piercers near you!

Many of the more extreme ear piercings require a highly skilled technician and of course a salon or piercing bar which has the highest standards of hygiene, especially if the perforation is through the cartilage, such as with Daith piercing or the Tragus piercing. Fortunately, salons listed on PamperTree are excellent and clients thinking of one or maybe additional numbers, of the more unusual piercings that require highly technical skill and precision and the utmost professional standards, can check out the genuine reviews by previous clients.

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Aftercare is essential for the best results!

Naturally, aftercare procedures also need to be carefully followed by the client at all times, but time spent doing your research will be extremely valuable for a trouble free experience. Finding an exceptional professional amongst the piercing shops in Manchester is essential and it is best to make that in itself your priority, rather than going for the budget option.

Choose the perfect look for you!

Many clients move on from the initial piercing to the curated ear piercing, where there are multiple piercings offering a palette for different types of studs, hoops, cuffs and huggies. This trend is sky rocketing and it is so versatile that it gives the opportunity to express and enhance to everyone.  Beginning with the naked ear there is literally a blank canvas and clients are free to create constellations or asymmetrical styles at will. Manchester has long led the way in fashion, music and the arts and now with this style, wearers are finding some of the hottest looks at the salons available.

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Always do your research!

Maybe you have a design in mind, but if not talk things through with one of the professionals at your chosen salonor one of the top ear piercings places in the city. Indeed, some salons even have online tools so that you can choose your look before you make that commitment. There are so many inspirational ideas on Pinterest or Instagram, showing designs from the edgy to the delicate, to the ultra cool, but being able to check out your look virtually, you will be able to feel sure that whatever you ultimately choose will suit you as an individual.

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Book stand out ear piercing in Manchester to enhance your style!

Those who have embraced this trend generally do not replicate the formation on one ear with the other, asymmetry is key to a successful piercing look and in Manchester, piercing does not follow the rules, rather it is the freedom of expression and the bespoke designs that set the top ear piercing clients and their technicians apart and make them stand out from the crowd.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Ear Piercing in Manchester

What is ear piercing?

Ear piercing is the most popular form of body piercing. The spas and salons allow you to choose from several styles of ear piercing. While performing this body modification procedure, the aesthetician will enable you to wear a variety of earrings by making holes in the lobes or edges of your ears. The piercer creates holes using a variety of instruments. Also, she will help you protect and heal the ear piercing by sharing a slew of aftercare instructions.

Do I have the option to choose from several styles of ear piercing?

While visiting a salon or spa, you have the option to choose from many styles of ear piercing – helix piercing, daith piercing, tragus piercing, conch piercing, industrial piercing, standard lobe piercing, and high-lobe piercing. You must remember that the ear piercing styles differ from each other in many aspects, including healing time and aftercare. You must take care of the ear-piercing throughout the healing period to prevent infections and complications.

How can I choose the right ear piercing instrument?

The aestheticians pierce your ears using a variety of instruments, including piercing needles and piercing guns. The piercing gun is a reusable piercing instrument that pierces the earlobe by driving a pointed starter earring. The piercing guns often make you experience more pain and damage the tissues in the ears. You can keep the ear piercing process safe and experience less pain by instructing the aesthetician to use only piercing needles. The salons and spas use piercing needles instead of piercing guns to reduce pain and prevent infections.

How shall I prepare for the ear piercing procedure?

You must consult the aesthetician and spa therapist to learn how to prepare properly for the ear piercing procedure. The experienced piercers will advise you to eat a good meal and drink plenty of water before the piercing appointment. However, you should postpone the ear piercing procedure if you do not feel comfortable before the appointment.

What aftercare instructions should I follow after the ear piercing session?

The ear piercings heal completely in several months. Some ear piercing styles need more time to heal than others. For instance, tragus piercing and helix piercing need more time to heal than earlobe piercing. You must protect and take care of the piercing properly throughout the healing period to prevent infections and complications.

  • Don’t remove the earrings for six months
  • Keep your ears clean
  • Clean ear piercings several times a day by soaking in a sea salt solution
  • Boost your immunity system by eating nutritious foods
  • Clean your hands or wear gloves before touching the piercing
  • Avoid swimming pools, hot tubs, and communal water sources
  • Avoid aspirin, alcohol, and excessive caffeine intake to prevent blood thinning
How to get an ear piercing safely?

Ear piercing is a form of body modification. You must follow the aftercare instructions shared by the piercers to reduce the risk of infections and complications during the healing period. However, it is also important to ensure that ear piercing is performed only by a trained and experienced aesthetician. Also, you must check if the piercer is using only sterilized and single-use piercing needles.

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