The Laser Clinic Group - Harrow

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Manor Parade, Sheepcote Road, Harrow… View on map.

Situated in the centre of Harrow, just a couple of minutes walk away from Northwick Park and Kenton tube stations, The Laser Clinic Group is an aesthetics clinic specialising in advanced non invasive treatments in a cosy and relaxing environment. Well known for their outstanding level of care and professionalism, the team of friendly and understanding therapists are on hand to treat a wide variety of cosmetic blemishes and skin conditions, tailoring each treatment to suit every client’s specific needs and ensuring to deliver the exact results you’re looking for.

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Hair Loss Treatments… (90 Min)

Artum Medi Spa

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82A Baker Street, London W1U 6AA, UK View on map.

Situated on the prestigious Baker Street, Marylebone, a short walk from the underground station of Baker Street, Artum Medi Spa is an aesthetic clinic offering a range of unique beauty treatments. The salon prides itself on its long list of happy and returning clients, specialising in cellulite reduction treatments, body contouring and a wide variety of skin lifting services for the face and body aswell as anti-aging beauty treatments. Professional therapists with years of industry experience provide you with these services, and whatever treatment you choose, you can be sure that you are in safe hands. Whether you go for the Nefertiti Lift or a course of Mesotherapy, you can be confident that the aesthetic treatments are painless and immediate results can be seen. So treat yourself to a pampering treatment today to de-stress and relax, or go for a service that's more results driven, you won't be disappointed!

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Hair Loss Treatments… (30 Min)

Dominican Hair Republic

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86 Brixton Road, London, UK View on map.

Situated just across the road from Christ Church North Brixton, and a short walk away from Oval station of Kennington Park, Dominican Hair Republic provides a wide range of hairdressing and beauty services, specialising in Afro Hair as well as offering extensions and nail services for men, women and children. The team are on hand to advice and guide clients throughout your treatment to ensure you receive the exact look you are hoping for, delivering outstanding and long lasting results guaranteed to leave you looking and feeling fantastic every time.

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Hair Loss Treatment (60 Min)
Ladies - Brazilian Blow… (150 Min)

Beyond Glam Hair & Beauty Studio

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32 Crouch Hill, Stroud Green, London… View on map.

Situated in Stroud Green, just a short walk from Crouch Hill Station, Beyond Glam Hair & Beauty Studio is a state of the art, stylish lounge offering a wide range of services including weaves, braids, highlights and haircuts. Fully equipped with highly trained and dedicated professionals, you can be sure to receive only the best, long lasting results with every visit, guaranteed to leave you looking and feeling fantastic.

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Gel Removal (15 Min)
Eyelash Extensions -… (20 Min)
Ladies' Hot Waxing -… (30 Min)
£50.00   £40.00   80 Off
Ladies' Hot waxing-… (30 Min)
£50.00   £40.00   80 Off

Avanti Skin Clinic

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5a Abingdon Road, Norbury, London SW16… View on map.

Avanti Skin Clinic is based a few minutes away from Norbury station and offers body treatments, such as microdermabrasion and hair removal. Owner, Aga, has many years of experience in the industry so you can be assured that a high-quality service will be provided. Alongside the complimentary Wi-Fi, Avanti Skin Clinic provides expert advice to clients to enhance their skin and state-of-the-art technology is used throughout the clinic, in treatments such as IPL. During 2019, Avanti Skin Clinic was awarded the Beauty Therapist award at the British Hair and Beauty Awards.

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Consultation (60 Min)
Hair Consultation with… (30 Min)
Microdermabrasion Face (60 Min)
Microdermabrasion Face… (60 Min)

RYS Hair & Beauty

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176 Walton Street, Chelsea, London… View on map.

Situated just a couple minutes walk from the Victoria and Albert Museum or South Kensington Station, RYS offers a wide range of hair and beauty treatments all under the one roof. The highly trained and welcoming team combine their knowledge with excellent customer service and the use of high quality products including Redken to deliver outstanding and long-lasting results.

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Nail Art (15 Min)
Forehead (10 Min)
Upper Lip (10 Min)
Chin (10 Min)

Julia Salon - Hackney

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9 Well Street, Hackney, London E9 7QX,… View on map.

Julia Salon is a Hackney beauty salon offering both Europeanand afro hair cuttings, styling, extensions and more. The salon isa brightand inviting areawith highly trained professionaland welcomingstylistson hand to help you achieve your dream look. Their growing list of loyal customers shows the value of their services. Julia Salon promises to make you feel beautiful, irrespective whether you have a big event coming up or just want to look great for the weekend. The stylists take the time to listen and talk about what is best for you, and ultimately improve your beauty and mood. South Hackney residents are happy to find such skilled hair stylists close by, but its definitely worth a visit regardless of where you are in Londonwith London Fields Station just a short walk from the salon and a number of bus stops servicing the area, this is the perfect salon to ensure you leave looking and feeling fantasticevery time!

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Ladies - Hair Treatment (50 Min)
Afro Hair Pick & Drop (90 Min)
Hair Extensions - Micro… (90 Min)

Hair Loss Treatments in London

Hair Loss Treatments in London

There are so many fantastic hair treatments available in London salons to keep the hair looking gorgeous over time but perhaps one of the most essential services is the Hair Loss treatments men have become to rely on now more than ever. A hair replacement treatment is another popular option for the clients who need that little bit extra in terms of making sure their hair is renewed and can look great again!

Hair Loss Treatments in London

There are so many fantastic hair treatments available in London salons to keep the hair looking gorgeous over time but perhaps one of the most essential services is the Hair Loss treatments men have become to rely on now more than ever. A hair replacement treatment is another popular option for the clients who need that little bit extra in terms of making sure their hair is renewed and can look great again!

See If A Hair Loss Clinic Can Help You

Treatments for hair loss are in such high demand and clients are encouraged to use PamperTree to ensure you book an appointment in a Top Rated salon or clinic that employs fully qualified and highly skilled hair stylists when it comes to this crucial hair care treatment as well as many others. An initial consultation is required between client and technician before you decide on which route to take to improve your hair permanently and boosting your confidence knowing your hair looks good once more!

You Need To Treat Hair Loss As The Medical Condition It Is

Many clients wonder why hair loss is happening to them and how they can stop it and the expert hair technicians in a London Hair Loss Clinichelp clients get to the root of the problem before beginning a plan of action to tackle the hair loss and recreate a luscious head of hair that clients have been missing. There are many different reasons as to what could be causing the hair loss, from clients’ lifestyles, stress of jobs and home life to a medical condition that needs to be dealt with accordingly.

Your Treatment Will Be Tailored To You

Once the cause has been found clients are often left wondering, do the Hair Loss Treatments even work? The Hair Loss Clinics in London offer a consultation to provide clients with all of the options that are available to them that is personalised to each clients’ needs, depending on the condition of the hair and the scalp and the amount of hair loss thus far and then the expert hair technicians will advise on which is the best treatment for you and your hair.

There Are A Numer Of Hair Loss Treatments You Can Try

The most popular treatments on offer include laser therapy, hair fusion, singular hair grafting or hair fibres and thickening fibres to improve the appearance of clients’ hair, making it thicker, longer and healthier and clients are always extremely impressed with the results!

Most Hair Loss Is Caused By Your Lifestyle

Lifestyle has a big impact on the growth of hair for both men and women and certain factors include diet, stress, lack of sleep, various medications such as ones prescribed for depression or hypertension and heavy smoking and drinking. For women more factors including illness, genetic reasons and the imbalance of hormones especially when you get to a certain age can also be a reason for the beginnings of hair loss.

Don’t Let It Knock Your Confidence, Find A Hair Loss Clinic In London

Hair loss is a devastating occurrence and although it affects everyone differently men and women often lose their confidence and self esteem until they realise that it doesn’t have to be permanent and a solution in the form of a Hair Loss treatment is just around the corner! For men, instead of resorting to the very last option of shaving your head, take a moment and think about all the possibilities that a hair loss treatment can provide. Whether you need a hair loss treatment or a hair replacement treatment, you can find the best clinics online that offer exceptional services to ensure clients feel comfortable and safe in the talented hair technician’s hands.

Check Out All Of Your Options Online

For the clients who need a stronger treatment for their hair loss, the expert trichologists may offer a hair transplant in London clinics that provides clients with impressive natural hair that you have been missing. The hair transplant cost in UK clinics does vary depending on the treatment and the area and it is more expensive than products advertised on the internet but the hair loss treatment is incredibly cost effective when you compare it to all the money wasted on creams that never worked. Many clients who receive a life changing hair loss treatment in London leave the clinics with a renewed sense of confidence and hair that is back to looking full and thick over time!

Find The Best Clinics In London And More

Although no hair loss clinics are able to claim 100% success there are still many highly effective hair loss treatments that work for the majority of clients. Clients are able to search this site for “hair loss specialist near me” or “hair loss clinic in London” along with their postcode and a suitable date and time and you will be provided with a selection of the best salons available that offer a fantastic hair loss treatment that many clients rave about.With the inclusion of Top Rated salons and verified ratings and reviews from previous customers, clients are guaranteed to book an appointment in the best hair loss clinic in London for an outstanding treatment in the expert hands of the hair technicians.

It Might Completely Change Your Life

Hair loss clinics all pride themselves on performing life changing treatments and clients are always highly impressed with the long term results of thick hair! For men who have started balding on top of the head and for the women who have noticed their hair thinning or in some cases even falling out, a hair loss clinic in London will provide a fantastic hair loss treatment to reverse the process using one of many techniques available to ensure clients are satisfied with the service provided by the fully qualified and talented hair technicians.

Get Your Hair And Confidence Back

Whether you have only just noticed the beginnings of hair loss or it has become quite significant, using PamperTree to book an appointment in the best hair transplant clinic in London or for a hair loss treatment, the professional hair technicians will do everything they can to ensure you leave with gorgeous hair and a spring back in your step! This is a 24 hour service that allows clients to organise all of their beauty needs in one place with no hassle and time wasted trying to find the best London salons for all health and beauty treatments.

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