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Bristol beauticians for gorgeous hair removal!

The modern sensibilities dictate that hairless is the new goal. Be you male or female, the fashion and beauty industries of the world over, have found that the modern preference is leaning towards hair removal. As such, it is not unexpected for an individual to have experienced Bristol hair removal in one form or another, in their day to day life.

Bristol beauticians for gorgeous hair removal!

The modern sensibilities dictate that hairless is the new goal. Be you male or female, the fashion and beauty industries of the world over, have found that the modern preference is leaning towards hair removal. As such, it is not unexpected for an individual to have experienced Bristol hair removal in one form or another, in their day to day life.

Many clients love a treatment for any reason!

Be you shaving for personal reasons to look perfect for your partner, in need of a good shaping to keep things looking tidy or any one of a whole list of other options, hair removal is a phrase and a treatment that has pervaded nearly all walks of life. No matter your age, gender or lifestyle, this concept has no doubt made an appearance. To go along with the plethora of reasons there are just as many methods for Bristol hair removal available, and with this array of choice comes the difficult question of which option fits you best.

Make the decision for you!

This is one of the areas of the beauty industry where individuals will use their decisions to make a statement, taking a stand against societal norms. Body hair was originally used for warmth, protection and even hygiene purposes, but for the modern eye, this product of evolution, has become a necessity of the past. Whether you prefer things natural or want a shot at total hairlessness, taking a trip to the best hair removal clinic in Bristol is the best way forward. With PamperTree finding that top spot is easy, you just need to give us the chance to show you.

It’s easy to find the best salon near you!

With access from both here on the site and in the app, PamperTree offers a vast online directory that hosts everything you might need when it comes to beauty, wellness and even personal wellbeing. Through the simple search bar you can make use of a one stop shop for hair, beauty, and aesthetics, as well as wellness, massage and even hair removal, all you need to do is start looking. With our filter functions you can narrow the search down, giving you access to those locations that suit you perfectly and cutting out the unnecessary distractions. The location function for example, lets you input your postcode in order to easily find that spot for the best hair removal near you.

Reviews help you make the right decision!

A simple search will bring up a selection of listings carefully generated for your local area, making it simple to find the venues that are nearby. What’s more, our reviews and ratings service gives you easy access to the opinions of past clients, letting you get straight to the meat of the salon you want to book. These real client reviews are even collated into ratings that are accessible on the main listing page, letting you spot those top rated Bristol hair removal clinics at a glance, and making things even easier for you when it comes to choosing where to book. PamperTree is all about convenience, and with a quick search you can be sure to find what you’re looking for.

There is a wide range of treatments!

Every type and style of hair removal is available right here at your fingertips, all you need to do is choose. But this choice can depend on a whole host of factors, from pain thresholds right through to where you actually need the hair removed, so getting started can be a bit of a nightmare. PamperTree can help with this as well, giving you a rundown of all of your options, a-z.

Choose the right one for your needs!

Epilation, defined as removing the hair entirely is the main aim of the hair removal treatments offered in salons across Bristol. Ranging from sugaring, one of the more classic options, waxing and threading through to electrology, epilation machines and even laser hair removal, the options available leave clients spoilt for choice. All focusing on epilation, these treatments are longer lasting than shaving, making it not only harder for hair to regrow, but even having an overall negative effect on the amount of hair growth in the area, with repeated treatments cutting the hair growth to almost negligible amounts.

Perfect for the summer months!

Fashion and sexual attraction can play a part in the reasoning behind hair removal, with certain forms being focused almost entirely on looking more attractive. This is especially true for the bikini wax with entire methods being created with the aim of hiding hair away in order to create a more attractive appearance. The Brazilian bikini wax offers the perfect example. Created by the J sisters in the USA, this form was inspired by the girls seeing stray pubic hair through a bikini on a Brazilian beach and deciding that less hair would be more attractive.

Waxing is the most popular option!

The Hollywood wax goes even farther, clearing the area completely of hair and leaving a soft and smooth finish. This form, whilst initially sounding quite terrifying, is less painful than most imagine, with the build up prior to the appointment often being more painful than the treatment itself. Although a hot wax in and of itself does not sound exactly comfortable, this form is often less painful than the strip alternative, though both are over in seconds, leaving the pain to fade rapidly. Waxing as a method of epilation is highly effective, whether focused or even a full body wax lasting up to four weeks. It also eliminates stubble, ingrown hairs and razor burns, all common issues associated with shaving.

Facial hair is also a big problem!

Hair removal treatments in Bristol don’t stop there however with a whole range of facial options sitting proudly alongside their body cousins. Treatments like the traditional plucking, the eyebrow or upper lip waxing, and the famous full face threading hair removal are all available to the client on the lookout for a way to clean up those stubborn stray facial hairs. Threading, a technique favoured by the rich and famous, is one of the oldest opportunities available to the modern client.

Threading is a favourite choice!

Dating back over 6000 years, threading is likely to have originated in India, though there are reports of its use across Asia. Most commonly a technique used to shape the brows, threading in Bristol is one of the most effective options available for fine hair, making it ideal for clearing the face of that frustrating peach fuzz. Results lasting up to six weeks are what sets this treatment apart from other options at Bristol hair removal salons, though the exact rate will be utterly dependant on the hair growth rate of the individual.

Laser treatments also provide amazing results!

Laser hair removal in Bristol offers another solution to those pesky hairs. Light based and often referred to as IPL this service affects the hair follicle, zapping it at the base and effectively deactivating any re-growth. This heating of the hair follicles is totally safe for surrounding skin areas and therefore can be used across the body.

Fantastic long lasting results!

Though this is one of the most expensive options on the menu, this method is by far the most effective. Able to remove the hair for good, only requiring several treatments 6-8 weeks apart in order to catch the full growth cycle, this option amongst the hair removal treatments available, should be treated as an investment. In this fashion, asking how much does a laser hair removal in Bristol cost, is looking at it the wrong way. The amount saved in the long run will far outweigh the initial cost.

Sugaring is the oldest type available!

One of the classic options available in the hair removal salons of Bristol, sugaring is perhaps the oldest beauty technique. In this process a syrupy mixture of lemon juice, sugar and water is heated until it is a caramelised mixture. Once this has cooled to a luke-warm temperature it is applied to the skin in a similar way to waxing. What differs here however, is that the mixture does not sit on the skin, instead it attaches itself to the hair pulling on that alone. This is said to make it less painful that waxing, and it is found to cause less bruising, irritation and redness than its wax counterpart.

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Though hair removal was once a women’s area, the modern world has caused this to spread. Today more and more men are taking it on themselves to strip their body of hair, with this more often than not resulting in more muscle definition. With PamperTree, no matter your reasons, gender or preferred hair removal method, you can quickly and easily find that perfect spot for hair removal, Bristol has waiting for you. All you really need to do is start the search, we’ll help with the rest.

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