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Hot Stone Massage in Birmingham

Birmingham therapists for indulgent hot stones massage!

Birmingham therapists for indulgent hot stones massage!

One of the most relaxing and well-reviewed treatments in Birmingham is the Hot Stone massage. Used to help the client achieve a relaxation that might otherwise have eluded them, this massage brings relief to the tense muscles and other damaged soft tissues that have been strained through overuse, or injured. It treats every part of the body, ensuring no muscle is left untreated. The treatment uses stones generally made of basalt, a black volcanic rock that retains heat well and releases it evenly. These stones are heated and then placed along the spine, stomach, chest, face, palms of the hands or feet and toes, the exact locations decided based on the client’s individual needs.

The treatment is personalised to your needs!

The masseuse Birmingham will personalise the treatment for you, creating a bespoke massage to suit the kind of service your body needs. Each individual massage therapist’s style may differ, but most hold the stones in their hands as they use similar strokes to those associated with the classic Swedish massage. This enables the achievement of a deeper effect upon the muscles without actually increasing the pressure or requiring a body to body massage. Birmingham also offers some therapists who use cold stones alongside the heated ones, in order to decrease overall skin temperature and to calm the blood vessels.

An extremely relaxing choice!

This is currently an extremely popular massage therapy and spas have even gathered a reputation around this particular treatment, showing itself as a stress busting massage that leaves clients feeling totally relaxed and chilled out. It has been proven that massages can have a marked effect on mental health and that is especially true for this particular therapy. With the nature of the world today we often bundle away our stress for later, preferring to move on with the problem at hand rather than take the time to deal with the issue. As a result, this stress works its way into the muscles, creating a physical response to a mental issue. This treatment gives you the chance to relieve that built up stress while also relaxing.

It goes back thousands of years!

The use of stones as a massage technique is an ancient method, going back over two thousand years, occurring in many different cultures from China and India to Egypt and Africa, there is even proof of its use throughout the Americas. With such a long history of use this massage has truly earned its place amongst the various techniques performed today. The best venues use this technique, often as a staple, offering it to their clients as a method of deep relaxation and relief.

It’s easy to find the best Birmingham salon for hot stones massage!

Finding the venue for massage Birmingham that suits you can be a difficult task. With so many options to choose from it can seem a mountain to climb to even begin to sort through and find that ideal massage you’ve been looking for. Here at PamperTree we offer you a one-stop directory for all of the various salons. This allows you to sit back, relax and really enjoy your massage, without worrying if there was a better option or a better deal. With our review and recommendation service you are able to see first hand accounts from previous clients before you even book in, giving you the peace of mind that the service you’re looking at is exactly as it is described.

Many health benefits!

Recognised as highly beneficial for joint flexibility, stress relief and pain relief, it is extremely beneficial for male or female, young or more mature. It is often used on clients suffering from conditions like Fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis as well as other such autoimmune diseases. With benefits like a decrease in muscle spasms and a massive improvement in overall sleep patterns, it really is a dream come true.

Is this treatment suitable for you?

Naturally there are some limitations on those who should consider a hot stone massage. Clients with broken skin, varicose veins or sunburn are not recommended to try this treatment and should wait for a point in time when their skin is in a better condition. Because of the diminished feeling of many diabetes sufferers, this is not suitable; equally those who have issues with heart disease of any form should avoid this form of massage.

Find the best deals for a treatment near you!

PamperTree is the ideal place to look for venues near you. With our constant eye on the best massage deals Birmingham has to offer it is very possible you could find yourself having the best treatment while it’s a cheap massage. Birmingham clients are repeatedly happy with the various options available to them like the Swedish massage, Indian Head massage and Thai massage. Of course, the reviews from genuine clients mean that you get an accurate picture of the services offered by the many salons. For those with mobility issues there are even the mobile massage therapists, and with a selection of late close and early opening salons you can be sure to find somewhere that will fit around a busy schedule, the near 24 hour massage salons give you that freedom.

Book today for exceptional results!

Discuss your treatment with your therapist to ensure that the time you’ve booked is used in a fashion that most benefits you. Be open and honest about your medical conditions and medication so that your masseuse or masseur can appropriately treat you. This could be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for to finally relax and get that much needed recharge. Look no further than PamperTree. Examine our reviews, check our deals, and find that ideal location. Book a massage today and find yourself drifting off into bliss.

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