Claritys Hair Salon

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31-33 Princess Street, Manchester,… View on map.

Claritys is a luxurious salon situated just a short walk from Manchester Town Hall and offers a wide range of hairdressing services from stylish cuts to bold new colours. The team of highly trained and dedicated stylists combine years of experience with excellent customer service and the use of high quality and well-known products to deliver outstanding and long-lasting results every time. This beautiful lounge is based within a grade II listed building; their state of the art interior is both spacious and sleek. Immaculately presented and brightly lit, it creates the perfect area for an afternoon of indulgence. Sit back, relax, and allow the professionals to showcase their skills and tailor treatments to suit the requirements of each client, turning your hair dreams into a reality every time.

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Ladies - Hair Up (45 Min)
Men - Haircut & Finish (45 Min)
Men - Colouring (30 Min)
Ladies - Wash, Haircut… (60 Min)

Hair by Steven Andrews

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776 Hyde Road, Gorton, Manchester M18… View on map.

Hair by Steven Andrews is a unisex salon offering haircuts, colouring, Brazilian blow dries and more. The salon also incorporates The Secret Hair Club, specialising in hair replacement treatments for men. Using some of the best products from brands like Wella, Stephen aims to bring the best results with a friendly and passionate approach to hair and hair replacement treatments. You can find Hair by Steven Andrews in Gorton, Manchester and is easily accessible with free street parking and bus stops close by.  

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Men - Intensive Deep… (10 Min)
Men - Back & Sides Only… (20 Min)
Men - Tidy Up Dry Haircut (30 Min)
Men - The Full Works (45 Min)

Men's Hair Colouring Manchester

Hide Those Greys With Mens Hair Colouring

Men are no longer as shy of visiting a hair colouring salon for a colour treatment as they once were and frequently search the PamperTree listings for either Men's Hair Colouring salons or barbers, where stylists will create the perfect look to hide those grey hairs which are making themselves apparent.

Hide Those Greys With Mens Hair Colouring

Men are no longer as shy of visiting a hair colouring salon for a colour treatment as they once were and frequently search the PamperTree listings for either Men's Hair Colouring salons or barbers, where stylists will create the perfect look to hide those grey hairs which are making themselves apparent.

Choose The Right Space

If it’s the masculine environment that appeals, then there are many on trend barbers’ shops as well as men’s salons that offer an experience tailored to the individual. A beard trim, or a facial, or perhaps a gentleman’s manicure is available at many venues, as well as the essential cut and colour which many guys now factor into their wellbeing plans.

Go Through Your Mens Hair Colouring Options

Of course, every appointment begins with a one to one consultation, so whether you are a trend setter or you are a little more conservative, the styles and the colours are there to meet your personal requirements. Men's Hair Colouring in Manchester has taken a massive step forward in the last decade and young men, in particular, are now into the bleach and colour treatments which can deliver on a single block colour or free-hand colour. In fact, whatever is in your mind, from grey blending to highlights, the men of Manchester are quick to appreciate these highly talented and inspired stylists and colourists.

Protect Your New Colour

Aftercare for coloured hair is extremely important and your colourist will advise you on the best products to keep your hair looking healthy looking, including shampoos, conditioners and styling products best suited to your colour treatment.

Find Somewhere And Something That Works For You

AMen’s Hair Colour Salon in Manchester will welcome you and put you in the hands of one of their experts who will establish exactly what you want, and you will be able to relax as your stylist works to your specifications and reveals the “you” that you have envisaged. With such staff at the salonsnear Manchester city centre, or in the parts of Greater Manchester where you live such as Stockport or Sale, Bury or Trafford, where you can search on PamperTree for Men's Hair Colouring near youwhereboth contemporary and traditional styles are available according to your needs. Some of the exceptional men’s salons are award winning, showing inspirational ideas in lightening hair, toning, creating different effects or enhancing the natural hair colour, or colouring discreetly to decrease the effect of increasing amounts of white hairs.

Don’t Settle For Anything Less Than The Best Male Hair Treatments In Manchester

Browsing the listings and the Top Rated men’s hairdressing salons and barbershops in Manchester, any future client will be able to find the salon that will suit them, they are able to see who has the best reviews, has well respected stylists who have the absolute trust of their satisfied clients, and boast of a reputation that is backed up by the recommendations and those 5* reviews which praise their excellent services. Nothing makes or breaks the whole impression of anyone like their haircut, a good one should not just be a matter of the technique involved, but a haircut one that suits the man and his lifestyle; it is the skill set of these talented teams of Manchester hairdressers to get it right for you!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Men's Hair Colouring Manchester

Do men dye their hair like women?

There was a time when hair colouring and hair dyes were popular only among women. But most men these days change the natural colour of their hair just like women. But each person gets men’s hair colouring for a specific purpose. Some men dye their hair to enhance their personal styles, while others use colours to hide their grey hair. Like women, men also experiment with many hair colours and hair dyes.

What colours do men prefer while dyeing their hair?

The choice of hair colour differs from one man to another. Some of the most popular hair dyes for men are bleached hair dye, grey hair dye, and coloured hair dye. But you must remember that the trends in men’s hair colouring change from time to time, In addition to considering the hottest men’s hair colouring trends, the smarter men focus on a slew of things to choose the right hair colour.

Can I choose from several hair dyes for men?

The hair dyes for men can be broadly divided into three categories – temporary hair colour, semi-permanent hair colour, and permanent hair colour. The temporary hair colours last for about one week, while the semi-permanent hair dyes fade after 15 washes. At the same time, permanent hair colours last for several weeks. The first-timers always experiment with temporary hair colours before switching to semi-permanent or permanent colours.

What should I keep in mind to choose perfect men’s hair dye?

Many men these days love to experiment with various hair colours. They opt for semi-permanent hair colours to change the look and feel of their hair from time to time. But the smarter men always focus on choosing the perfect hair colour by focusing on a slew of factors.

  • Skin Tone: The men with a warm skin tone opt for darker hair colours, while the men with cool skin tones prefer warmer hair colours.
  • Hair Type: The hairdressers can dye finer and lighter hair more quickly and easily than darker, thicker, damaged, or curlier hair.
  • Age: The older men opt for classic hair colours, while the younger men experiment with trendy hair colours.
  • Personal Style: A single hair colour could not enhance the personal style of every man. Men often explore ways to enhance their personal style by choosing the right hair colour.
  • Maintenance: Some hair colours need specific and regular maintenance than others.

The consultation options provided by popular hair salons make it easier for you to choose the perfect hair colour by consulting a professional hairdresser or hairstylist.

Do I need to maintain the coloured hair regularly?

Some hair dyes do not require specific maintenance, while others require you to take care of the dyed hair regularly. You can keep certain hair colours fresh and appealing only by using the appropriate shampoo and conditioner. Also, some hair colours start will fade quickly if you do not avoid swimming pools, tanning beds, and sunbathing. It is always advisable to learn how to take care of the dyed hair properly by consulting the hairdresser.

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