Skin Glow Cosmetics

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Blackett Street, Manchester M12 6EJ,… View on map.

Public Transport Links: A short walk from Manchester Piccadilly train station. Free parking is available onsite. Skin Glow Cosmetics is a unisex private clinic which specialises in facial skincare treatments. Every treatment is personalised to your individual requirements.

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Single Session (75 Min)
Course of 4 Sessions (75 Min)
Course of 6 sessions (75 Min)

Beauty by Duran

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69c Manchester Road East, Little Hulton,… View on map.

Public Transport Links: Easily accessible by bus. Beauty by Duran is a warm and welcoming location to enjoy your next microblading, lash, brow or make up treatment. Located within the Next Generation Beauty Clinic, the team is dedicated to staying up-to-date with the latest techniques in beauty therapy.

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Ladies' Waxing - Eyebrows (10 Min)
Eyebrow Waxing (10 Min)
Hair Extensions - Tightening (150 Min)
Lash Lift & Tint (45 Min)

On Point Skin Solutions

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38 Long Street, Middleton, Manchester,… View on map.

Those looking for long-lasting treatments such as semi-permanent make up or fibroblast treatments will find them at On Point Skin Solutions. Located within The Beauty Therapy Rooms in Middleton, Manchester, Leanne specialises in high-quality, personally tailored treatments. There is no sense of rush as each treatment is performed to the very best standard possible.

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Semi-Permanent Makeup… (120 Min)
Semi-Permanent Makeup… (150 Min)

Flawless Laser

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20 Rochdale Road, Middleton, Manchester,… View on map.

As well as offering advanced laser treatments, Flawless laser also specialises in eyebrow techniques such as microblading. Whichever treatment you choose, this light, bright salon will leave you feeling comfortable and relaxed. *Note* Treatments are unavailable for under 18’s

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Chin (60 Min)
Eyebrows (60 Min)
Upper Lip (60 Min)
Microblading (60 Min)

Holly Stott

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Park Road, Middleton, Manchester M24… View on map.

This award winning salon in Middleton, Manchester, offers a wide variety of beauty treatment options within their cosy salon location. With everything from hair and nails to massage and hair removal available, visitors are spoilt for choice. Individuals who are looking for anti-aging or more permanent forms of beauty treatment often find that the choice of dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections appeal to them.

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Nail Art - Crystals (10 Min)
Eyebrow Wax & Tint (10 Min)
Microblading (90 Min)

Lunoir Beauty

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68 Old Church Street, Newton Heath,… View on map.

This home-based treatment room specialises in semi-permanent beauty treatments, meaning that those who are looking for perfect microblading will find it here. Those wanting a less permanent treatment option can choose from a range of other services such as waxing and manicures. Visitors are particularly pleased with the clean, friendly and welcoming atmosphere they find when they arrive for their chosen treatment.

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Nail Art (10 Min)
Ladies' Waxing - Underarm (15 Min)
Eyebrow Wax & Tint (30 Min)
Ladies' Waxing - Brazilian (30 Min)

Avesta Hair & Beauty

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Phoebe Street, Salford, Manchester… View on map.

Avesta Hair and Beauty is a premium and independent salon located in the heart of Salford Quays, Manchester. With more than 20 years experience in the industry, their award-winning, dedicated and passionate stylists take immense pride on the level and consistency of the service they deliver. They are open to the clients seven days a week, offering unisex hair and beauty services. Uniquely decorated, the salon is specialised in balayages, hair extensions and creative colouring services as well as all aspects of traditional hair, beauty and barbering services for all types of hair. They also specialise in curly, Afro Caribbean, Chinese and Middle Eastern hair as well as bridal hair services. They are proud to accommodate all their hair treatments to all ethnicities. Using the top of the range, all-inclusive and cruelty-free Keune hair cosmetics, colour, hair care and styling products, they can make any transformation possible and leave your hair feeling amazing. They also offer a wide range of organic and vegan hair treatments and products. The salon is in partnership with the renowned Balmain hair extensions, ensuring high-quality with each treatment. Whether it’s a tint regrowth, a hair up service, a simple haircut or a complete restyle, the salon's stylists will listen to what you want, give you advice and use their expertise to deliver beautiful hair. Come and enjoy the best in hair care and customer service in this spacious and stunning salon with convenient free parking nearby.

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Upper Lip (5 Min)
Men's (10 Min)
£10.00   £7.00   70 Off
Side of Face (10 Min)
Ladies - Blow Dry (30 Min)

Relucent Hair & Beauty Academy

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147 Jubilee Road, Middleton, Manchester… View on map.

Book in Rochdale's Relucent Hair and Beauty Academy for a beautiful and relaxing makeover. It is a spa, beauty bar and hairdressersall underthe same roof with a convenienthigh street locationand free street paring right outside! Established in 2018, this retro chic Academy provides a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Enjoy 50 years of combination experience and NVQ-qualified female therapists working theirmagic whileyou sitback andenjoy a hot, complimentarydrink,finishingwith a makeover that makes you look and feel fantastic.

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Men - Dry Haircut (30 Min)
Short-Medium Length… (30 Min)
Long Hair (40 Min)
Microblading (Including… (60 Min)

Reversal Aesthetics Skin, Laser…

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Armentieres Square, Stalybridge, Manchester… View on map.

Reversal Aesthetics Hair, Laser & Beauty Clinic, located in Stalybridge's Armentieres Squareand just a few minutes away from the Station, is an exclusive medispa that provides classicaltreatments and innovativeprocedures.They provide a warm welcome andengaging service to help you to relax and unwindas well as providing an in-depth consultationtoensure the perfect treatmenttailored to your individual needs .Their interior is a unique blend of state-of -the-art equipment and classically designed furnishings, a continuation of their commitment to providing a full service of beauty and skin care.Within this Luxurious room, their highly experienced beauty therapisttake every step to ensure that you arerelaxed, educated and at ease providing a thorough skincare experience with every visit.

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Eyebrow Wax & Tint (20 Min)
Men's Manicure (30 Min)
Men's Pedicure (45 Min)
Ladies' Waxing - Brazilian (30 Min)

Lavish Style

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356 Moston Lane, Moston, Manchester… View on map.

Situated in Moston, Manchester, Lavish Style is a warm and welcoming hair and beauty salon offering a wide range of treatments including haircuts, styling, manicures, pedicures, eyelash extensions and much more. The highly trained and dedicated stylists and beauty therapists at this stunning lounge combine knowledge and excellent customer service with the use of well known and high-quality products like CND, Twinkle Toes and NSI to deliver outstanding and long-lasting results every time.

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Eyelash Tinting (15 Min)
Eyebrow Waxing (10 Min)
Ladies - Wash, Haircut… (60 Min)
Gel Polish - Hands &… (45 Min)

Microblading in Manchester

Manchester technicians for impressive microblading!

One of the greatest solutions towards being done with the daily job of enhancing the shape of your brows with brow pencils or powders, or indeed having a brow shaping and tint every 4 to 6 weeks, is making an appointment for microblading in Manchester! Whether you are simply not happy with the state of your brows, or because of illness they have been affected by alopecia, you will find that the perfection of this technique will be the solution you have yearned for.

Manchester technicians for impressive microblading!

One of the greatest solutions towards being done with the daily job of enhancing the shape of your brows with brow pencils or powders, or indeed having a brow shaping and tint every 4 to 6 weeks, is making an appointment for microblading in Manchester! Whether you are simply not happy with the state of your brows, or because of illness they have been affected by alopecia, you will find that the perfection of this technique will be the solution you have yearned for.

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Popular for many types of clients!

As we all age, it is common for even bushy eyebrows to thin out or become patchy, especially at each end of the brow arch. When we all have so much to do in the morning, getting those eyebrows just right can be something that falls off the bottom of the list. Discovering microblading amongst the ever-growing number of products and services for lashes and brows in Manchester can be your personal revelation!

What does it involve?

It is a semi-permanent form of tattooing, done by hand with tiny needles with the finest points, these together form the shape of a small blade (disposable of course) on a handle. This tool essentially scratches the surface of the skin and deposits the pigment into the skin. The shape of the brows is predetermined by the technician to the client’s approval, creating the outline of the arches and perfecting the shape before the microblading begins. The tiny, hair like strokes left by the tool are not as deep as an actual tattoo, but they do last for around 1 to 3 years!

Maintain the stunning look with aftercare!

Aftercare for all brows and lashes treatments must be respected by the client and in this case, it is best to avoid getting the brows wet for the first week and this includes sweating heavily, so you can take a holiday from the gym! You should also avoid retinol products near the brows for at least a week and no make-up for the same amount of time either. The appearance of the micro bladed brows can be anything from a totally natural, light finish to a full, statement brow. The handheld tool draws such fine hair like strokes that the finished effect is completely your decision.

Find the best salon for your needs!

Using the PamperTree website or app to search for microblading near you will bring you not only their locations, but the reviews of clients who have used the services of the salons and brow bars before. This is a specialist treatment and so it is worthwhile doing your research by reading the reviews which have all been left by authentic customers and checking “before” and “after” photos if available. When you have chosen your salon, your highly skilled brow artist will simply transform you!

Book stunning microblading in Manchester for gorgeous brows!

Everything in the world of beauty is constantly evolving and this itself is developing, the finish of a highly skilled micro blade artist today is far more advanced than the earlier examples of the technique. Furthermore, its popularity is now bringing further advancements in the form of microshading and micro feathering. The microshading eyebrow treatment delivers on a solid, highly defined brow finish, whereas a micro feathering eyebrow treatment gives a lighter effect, which simply fills out the existing brows. Manchester is always at the front for the latest developments and so watch PamperTree for these and further exciting advances in all areas of the beauty world.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Microblading in Manchester

What is microblading?

Microblading is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments for eyebrows. While performing this cosmetic eyebrow treatment, the brow technician will enhance your face’s natural features by making the eyebrows appear fuller. She will enhance the shape of your eyebrows by depositing pigments under the skin using semi-permanent tattooing techniques.

How do brow technicians perform microblading?

While performing microblading, the brow artist will use a small handheld tool with multiple tiny needles. She will use the tool to deposit pigments to the skin manually. Unlike tattooing guns, the handheld tool makes the artist enhance the shape of your eyebrows using feather stroke techniques. Also, the brow technician focuses on depositing pigments instead of using ink. However, the brow technicians will deposit pigments into the arch area by creating tiny superficial cuts.

How long do eyebrows take to heal after the microblading procedure?

The eyebrows need one to two weeks to heal completely after the microblading session. But the colour will set fully only after one month. The brow hairs will appear darker and the eyebrow area will become slightly red after the microblading appointment. The eyebrow area and eyebrow hair will become normal as the eyebrows heal gradually.

How long does microblading last?

Microblading enhances the shape of your eyebrows by depositing pigments. The pigments fade gradually over a period. Hence, microblading keep your eyebrows fuller for about one to three years. However, you need to get regular touchups to keep the enhanced shape of the eyebrows intact. You must remember that the durability of microblading differs from one individual to another based on a slew of factors – skin type, pigment colour, sun exposure, and cosmetics.

How can I make microblading last longer?

Your eyebrows will appear fuller up to three years after the microblading session. You can keep the eyebrows fuller for a longer duration by getting touchups every year. However, it is also important to follow some of the simple aftercare instructions shared by professional brow artists.

  • Don’t make the brow area sweat
  • Don’t expose the brows to sunlight
  • Don’t dye the eyebrows during the healing period
  • Keep the skin hydrated by drinking plenty of water
  • Avoid smoking and anti-ageing products
Shall I experience pain during and after the microblading procedure?

While performing microblading, the brow technician will create creating tiny superficial cuts in the arch area. She will deposit the pigments into the eyebrows through these tiny cuts. Hence, you will experience pain and discomfort during and after the microblading session. The brow technician will alleviate pain and discomfort by applying topical anesthetic and liquid anesthetic sequentially. However, you will experience more pain while getting microblading during the menstruating process.

Will microblading impact my natural eyebrows adversely?

While performing microblading, the brow artist deposits pigments into the arch area. The pigments make your eyebrows appear fuller without affecting the natural growth of your eyebrows. Also, the pigments do not affect the health and appearance of your natural eyelashes. But you still need to ensure that the cosmetic eyebrow treatment is performed only by a trained and experienced brow technician.

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