With our own experience in the beauty and massage industry, there is no better company to understand the needs of both clients and providers across the full range of beauty and therapy services than PamperTree. Understanding both sides of the industry is essential when acting as the booking platform for clients and salons.

For clients, creating the easiest way to make their reservations at different salons, using our simple booking process saves so much time and is available when you have the opportunity to manage your personal calendar, 24/7. Need to change the time or date due to unforeseen circumstances? No problem! We have designed PamperTree to give you the best prices, the top-rated salons and the flexibility to keep you looking and feeling exceptional!

For salon managers, at PamperTree we increase your exposure to clients, attracting new customers and give you the opportunity to show them what makes your business unique.

Connecting clients with the hair and beauty professionals and massage therapists they seek 24 hours a day, means that you, as a salon, are always “available” for them.

As the management at PamperTree we have seen both sides of the business ourselves and realised that creating this online platform was the way to make everything easier, more efficient and simply, the finest way to be organised in this important part of everyday life, keeping you beautiful and healthy.

What we Offer:

Here at PamperTree, we are dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of beauty treatments to anyone who wants one. This is why we have scoured the country in order to find the best beauty salons and mobile beauty services near you. Whether you are looking for a hairdresser for your regular cut and colour or a luxury day spa in order to enjoy a couples spa day with someone special, you will find everything that you need with PamperTree.


When you search the PamperTree website, you can compare beauty treatments, venues, prices and customer reviews before choosing the options which suit you best. The addition of highlighted special offers, last-minute deals and loyalty schemes mean that enjoying some quality self care time has never been easier or more affordable. You can even give someone else the gift of relaxation with one of PamperTree’s especially selected beauty gift vouchers.


The choices are endless and the only limit is your imagination.

Nail Salons

Treat yourself to some show-stopping acrylic nail extensions or pamper your toes with a pedicure. Whatever you are looking for, you are sure to find your favourite treatments at a nail salon near you. Nail treatments are particularly popular with those who want to add some self care time to their routines, but have very hectic schedules. A typical nail treatment will take less than an hour, so you can easily squeeze it into your lunch break or enjoy a visit to a nail salon as part of a weekend shopping trip. However you choose to enjoy your chosen nail treatments, PamperTree will make sure that you are in good hands with the extensive range of professional nail technicians listed on within the database.

Hair Salons

From Brazilian blow drys and balayage to children’s haircuts and afro hairdressers, PamperTree has made sure that we can provide you with the most comprehensive range of hair salons and hair treatments available.Whether you are looking for a specialist hair salon which looks after your particular hair type, or are simply looking for a high street hair salon where you can enjoy a quick trim and tidy up, PamperTree has the right location for you. You will even find a range of men’s barbers and mobile hairdressers for your consideration. There really is something for everyone.

Brows and Lashes

Many people think that the only way to achieve the lash and brow look that they want is to spend large amounts of time filling in their brows and applying makeup each day. However, this isn’t the case. There are a number of lash and brow treatments which can help you to look at your best with minimal effort. Options such as microblading and brow lamination offer your dream brow shape and colour, while lash lifts and lash extensions ensure that your lashes look stunning without the addition of mascara and other products. Thanks to PamperTree, it has never been easier to find a local beauty salon which offers lash and brow treatments. Using the PamperTree database, you will find an extensive range of specialist brow bars and expert lash technicians near you who are ready to help.

Body Treatments

The phrase “body treatments” is an umbrella term which is used to describe any beauty treatment which can be performed on the body as a whole. As such, it can be used for a wide variety of different treatments. Whether you are looking for a tattoo artist, a spray tan, a full body massage or a body wrap, they would all come under the heading of “body treatments”. The PamperTree website has made finding the best body treatments for you as easy as possible. You can use the handy drop down menu to discover each of the body treatments in your area, reading about each one before deciding which beauty treatment to try. You will even find a range of special offers and discounts highlighted so that if you want to try something new, you can do so at a bargain price. There is a world of body treatments near you at your fingertips thanks to PamperTree.

Massage Therapies

For centuries, people have used massage therapies to ease aches and boost feelings of wellbeing. For many people, regular massage treatments mean that they are able to get on with their daily lives more easily while enjoying boosted endorphin production and better sleeping patterns. Whether you are considering a sports massage or a hot stone massage, you will find everything that you need on the PamperTree website. With the best places for massage near you listed within the database, you will be able to compare treatment options and read customer reviews before booking an appointment directly through the website. It really is that simple.

Spa Days

For a beauty experience which will pamper you from head-to-toe, very few things are more effective than a spa day. When you book a spa day experience, you will be able to enjoy a whole day of being pampered by professional beauty therapists who are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. Most day spa venues will offer a range of beauty treatments to choose from, enabling you to create a bespoke package which is tailored to your needs. You can choose to enjoy your spa day by yourself, or with others. Couples spa days and group spa day packages are increasingly popular and the PamperTree website will help you to find the best deals and special offers to make sure that your visit to a day spa near you is a memorable one for all of the right reasons.

Hair Removal

We all have body hair that we don’t like. For some of us, it will be stray eyebrows and nose hairs which always seem to grow in the wrong directions. For others, it will be dark leg or arm hair which makes them feel self conscious. Many of us will use at-home hair removal treatments like razors and hair removal creams which do the job but can irritate the skin. The PamperTree website has an extensive menu of professional hair removal treatments for you to consider if you would like to ditch the razor. With everything from threading and underarm waxing, to electrolysis and laser hair removal, there is a treatment for every body part, price point and personal preference. Browse the PamperTree website today and say goodbye to dry, itchy and irritated skin.

Mobile Beauty Services

Not everyone wants to visit a beauty salon. It could be that mobility issues make accessing high street beauty salons difficult, or simply that you prefer to enjoy beauty treatments in the privacy of your own home. Whatever the reason, PamperTree has made sure that there are plenty of options for you to enjoy. The extensive menu of mobile beauty services available through PamperTree means that you are able to select your preference from services such as mobile massage therapists and mobile hairdressers. You can enjoy your chosen treatment at a location which suits you and there is no compromise on the quality of care. The expert mobile beauty therapists listed with PamperTree are dedicated to providing the best possible experience every single time.

Beauty Salons

For the majority of people, the best way to enjoy their preferred beauty treatment is with a visit to a local beauty salon. Sitting in the beautician's chair is an opportunity to relax and forget about the demands of everyday life. After all, nobody can ask you to do the dishes while you are safely at the beauty salon. PamperTree has made it easier than ever for you to find the best beauty salons near you. Use the search engine to find beauty salons which offer your favourite beauty treatments and book an appointment directly through the website.

Short Breaks

When you treat yourself to a short break, it’s tempting to pack the time with as many activities as possible. However, doing this can mean that you feel more exhausted after your short break than you did before. Using the PamperTree website to create some dedicated self care time during your short break offers an opportunity to relax and recharge your batteries in between activities. The PamperTree website will provide you with information about each of the beauty salons near to your accommodation as well as an extensive range of mobile beauty services which can visit you wherever you are staying. Treat yourself to a relaxing massage or hydrating facial at one of the beauty salons listed on the PamperTree website, or give yourself the gift of true luxury with a visit to a day spa.

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