With our own experience in the beauty and massage industry, there is no better company to understand the needs of both clients and providers across the full range of beauty and therapy services than PamperTree. Understanding both sides of the industry is essential when acting as the booking platform for clients and salons.

For clients, creating the easiest way to make their reservations at different salons, using our simple booking process saves so much time and is available when you have the opportunity to manage your personal calendar, 24/7. Need to change the time or date due to unforeseen circumstances? No problem! We have designed PamperTree to give you the best prices, the top-rated salons and the flexibility to keep you looking and feeling exceptional!

For salon managers, at PamperTree we increase your exposure to clients, attracting new customers and give you the opportunity to show them what makes your business unique.

Connecting clients with the hair and beauty professionals and massage therapists they seek 24 hours a day, means that you, as a salon, are always “available” for them.

As the management at PamperTree we have seen both sides of the business ourselves and realised that creating this online platform was the way to make everything easier, more efficient and simply, the finest way to be organised in this important part of everyday life, keeping you beautiful and healthy.

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