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Introduction to Understanding cookies

1. A "cookie" is the information stored on your computer's hard drive which logs how you navigate between the pages on a website, the next time you visit that website cookies will present you with options based on the short term memory stored from your previous visit. Furthermore, cookies are used to analyse traffic to a website and for advertising and marketing purposes. Some websites contain hundreds of them.

2. Virtually all websites use cookies –you may regard them as little data files - to store information in peoples' web browsers, but they do not harm your system. 

3. Cookie Law was designed to protect the online privacy of users to any website, by making these users aware of how information about them is collected and used online, and give them the option of whether they wish to allow it or not. They are widely thought of as making your web experience more personal.

4. Any user may decide to check or change the types of cookies they accept, by going into your browser settings you can control this. Blocking cookies at any time by activating the setting on your browser allows you to refuse all or some cookies, but if you block all cookies it may result in you not being able to access all or some parts of our site.

5. This website tells you how it uses cookies. Cookies are useful – they allow modern websites to work the way users have come to expect – with increasing levels of personal interaction and interactive functionality.

6. Cookies fall into different groups: 

a. Session cookies: 

these are short-term or temporary; only stored in your browser memory during your active web session and are automatically destroyed when you close your browser – although they will survive to navigate away from the website they came from. They generally store an anonymous session ID which allows you to browse a website without having to log in to each page for essential site functions and to make sure pages are sent to the browser as quickly and efficiently as possible. However, they do not collect any personal data from your computer. 

b. Persistent cookies: 

a persistent cookie is stored as a file on your computer and it remains there when you close your web browser. The cookie can be read by the website that created it when you visit that website again. Persistent cookies are created by giving them an expiry date. If that expiry date is reached, it will be destroyed by the computer. If the expiry date is not set then it is automatically a session cookie.

How does PamperTree use cookies?

We use cookies to understand the way you use our website. This helps us to understand how users navigate the site and track any patterns which evolve in your use of our website. This, in turn, assists us in developing and improving our website and ultimately the users’ enjoyment of it, as well as PamperTree increasing products and/or services in response to your demands.

As PamperTree is a platform for a wide variety of Associates bringing to its users’ services and products in the hair and beauty sector and for massage and other therapies, PamperTree is using First Party Cookies. As 'Host' - PamperTree is the domain name of the site that ultimately sets the cookie. Only the host domain can retrieve and read the contents of the cookie once it has been set. First party cookies are only set or retrieved by the website while you are visiting it, so they cannot normally be used to track activity or pass data from one site to another. PamperTree can still collect data through their cookies and use that to change how the website appears to the user or the information it displays. This is further explained in our Privacy Policy Page.

Should the user link to the third party sites of Associates so that the host domain for a cookie is different to the one in the browser bar when it was downloaded, then it is a third-party cookie. Online advertising is the most common use of third-party cookies; advertisers can track a user (or their device) across many of the websites they visit.

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