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Why work for PamperTree?

PamperTree is a leading booking platform for all clients’ health and beauty treatments in salons, spas and clinics across the UK. We connect clients with only the best, fully qualified and experienced beauticians, therapists, mobile services and many more, with a fantastic 24/7 website and app to book their next appointment. Clients are guaranteed an expert service in a venue of their choice as proven by the real ratings and reviews provided by previous clients.
To make all of this possible we need committed, creative and stand out employees to make PamperTree even better with a huge focus on online marketing. We aim to be the best beauty website with big aspirations that can only be reached with talented voices working with us.

The team works together to create a company that is passionate and focused on providing the best content for all our customers. Our team consists of many employees around the world and we encourage the voices and ideas of each individual to constantly improve and develop our system. Be a part of something big and join PamperTree!

What is it like working at PamperTree?

Our team is about more than trying to get the most bookings possible. We expect employees to be committed, to be creative and to push themselves to help create the best service that clients adore and keep coming back to, time and time again for all their health and beauty treatments, spa days and short breaks. We are looking for leaders in the beauty industry that love to work under pressure.

You may have a job title while working with us but that will not determine your performance as an individual. The team work together and ideas are shared to ensure we are always giving our all to our clients. Company ideals are upheld and goals are achieved to further challenge and develop new ideas into reality. 

Working at PamperTree is the next big step in your career where your creativeness will bloom and you will develop many skills professionally and personally. Join the team and help us create a leading booking platform for all clients’ health and beauty needs!


The sales team is focused on creating and promoting the best possible online industry to increase bookings for all the website’s advertised salons and treatments across the UK. By using social media, word of mouth and other promotional materials, the sales team’s task is to drive activity to the website with an enhanced focus on the transfer to online marketing. They help to develop and encourage the growth of businesses and partnerships, understanding the needs of our clients to ensure they always receive the best possible experience on PamperTree.

Content specialists
The content team are responsible for creative and engaging content across the website to ensure clients are provided with all the relevant information regarding each salon, treatment and every other aspect of the site to make it as easy as possible for clients to find and book an appointment in the most suitable venue for a guaranteed exceptional service.

Customer service
Our customers are our priority and we have a team that is focused on making our service the best it can be for our customers. Any queries, concerns and complaints are effectively dealt with to ensure every customer has a good experience on our website. This job is perfect for people with problem solving skills, excellent communication skills and people with a desire to create happy experiences for all our clients 24/7. 

If you are considering a job at PamperTree do not hesitate to apply, this could be a life changing job in the refreshing world of online marketing!

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