Q. Where can I find information on PamperTree about special offers and discounts?

A. There are many places to discover the latest offers available from our Associates. First of all, check out the “Offers” link right at the top of the page on the header or on the “Explore Great Offers” towards the bottom of the home page and of course you will also get the latest news on our Newsletter, so make sure you choose to subscribe!

Q. Does PamperTree list massage salons as well as hair and beauty?

A. Yes, there are some of the finest massage salons in all of the major towns and cities listed on PamperTree, these salons all offer a wide range of treatments for both men and women.

Q. I have never had my nails done before, but I want something special for a wedding?

A. We have a great selection of nail salons and even mobile nail therapists who can be found near you, everything is available whether you simply want a classic manicure or nail extensions and nail art. Whatever you prefer they will match your choice and your outfit for that special event.

Q. If I attend a massage will I be expected to get undressed?

A. It does depend on the massage you choose, but for a full body massage you will need to take off your clothing down to your underwear, but the therapist will always carefully hold or drape towels whilst you move or cover parts of you that they are not working on. It is always worth remembering that to a massage therapist you are just one of a number of partially clothed bodies she will see that day as part of her work and she is not there to look at your body but to treat it. 

Q. When I take any sort of treatment, I would rather not have a conversation?

A. No one is obliged to make conversation although many people regard the salon as a place which is a sociable experience. Simply say to your hairdresser, therapist or beautician that you want to relax without making conversation. He/she will respect your wishes. Some treatments such as eyelash extensions require close concentration by the practitioner and it is important for you to stay still, so silence is more natural. Facials and relaxing massages are often quiet and calming to accentuate the sense of de-stressing.

Q. How do I contact one of the salons or spas advertising on this site?

A. You can always use our simple search facility to find exactly what you want, enter your chosen treatment, enter your location by name or postcode, browse the salons advertised, select the date and time and remember that if there is more than one of you coming at the same time, enter the number of clients and then just click “Search”. Book directly online and that’s it! 

Q.How do I use this site?

It is very easy to use each section of the site, either on the search bar or by clicking on the main listings across the top of the page where you can find a talented and experienced professional near to your location, offering the treatment you are looking for. From each main heading on this listing, you will find a drop-down menu offering the specialities within that category, helping you define your search. PamperTree lists hairdressers, barbers, salons specializing in lashes and brows, nails, massage therapies and some practitioners of alternative therapies and much more.

Q. How do I register with PamperTree?

A. By creating your own account you can join as a client by registering with your email and a password, being careful not to share your password with anyone. Please click on “My Account” at the top of the page. Now you are registered you can make bookings 24 hours a day, when you have the time to consider your options – not just when the shops are open!

Q. What do I do if I am not happy with a treatment that I have booked?

Fortunately, beauty, hair and therapies seldom go wrong. For any treatment, you will be required to tell your beautician, hairdresser or therapist if you have any known medical problems or allergies and in the majority of cases where chemicals for colouring or other specialist treatments are used, or for massage or alternative therapies, all clients are required to complete a treatment form. A qualified professional will conduct a consultation and/or do a patch test prior to treatment if applicable. If, something does go wrong it is always best to talk things over with the salon or spa itself, then if the matter is not resolved you can email PamperTree to intercede on your behalf. 

Q. Do you have Gift Vouchers?

A. Gift vouchers are available amongst our selection of gifts.

Q. What is the difference between visiting a spa and a salon?

A. Spas generally offer pools, hot tubs, saunas and relaxation rooms that are not found in salons. Treatments in spas are often part of an overall package and the ambience of indulgence and relaxation are part of the opulent hotel-style environment. The spa day is a no-rush experience which can take the day or longer, perhaps as a weekend break. Salons for hair, the beauty of therapies are warm and inviting, decorated in a stylish manner but are generally working to an appointment rota which means you can book over a lunch hour, or if you are free at any time of the day, then leave to carry on with work, shopping or other pursuits. Your treatment time can be an oasis of “me time” in a busy schedule. 

Q. Can I check reviews on the salons and spas on PamperTree?

A. Each of the salons, therapists and spas advertised as our Associates on PamperTree have their own reviews at the bottom of their page, so when you are considering one venue against another, you can see what previous clients are saying about them. Reviews can only be left by clients who have genuinely booked, therefore the reviews are authenticated, to avoid false reviews which can mislead future clients.

Q. I am a man and I am looking for a beautician that treats males?

A. Most of the practitioners who advertise on PamperTree are unisex and do treat both males and females and with the recent developments in barbershops, which are now becoming some of the trendiest places on the High St., you will find a high number of salons where you will find the treatments you are looking for and in an environment where you feel comfortable and relaxed. Male grooming is becoming more and more important to many guys and no longer a taboo area for the “real man”. 

Q. What is the cancellation policy for bookings via PamperTree?

A. Each salon, therapist and spa has their own cancellation policy, but when they are promoting their services through PamperTree they all maintain a standard of 24 hours minimum cancellation before the reservation time.

Q. Do you have a Loyalty Card scheme?

A. Some individual Associates do operate a Loyalty Scheme, each salon will be able to give you their details.

Q. Are there salons that use Vegan Friendly products?

A. Many of the salons and spas that promote their businesses on PamperTree use products that are Vegan Friendly and guarantee that the products that they use have not been tested on animals. Products that are derived from plant and flower extracts are recognised to be much kinder to your skin or scalp as well as being animal friendly. Please check with individual salons or service providers for information.

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