Tax Strategy

1.    Ownership and agreement
The tax strategy objectives of PamperTree Ltd are set out in this document and have been agreed by the Board of Directors in conjunction with the advisers and the shareholders. 

2. Obedience
This tax strategy of PamperTree Ltd is obedient of the information required in the publication of the UK tax strategy, Schedule 19 FA 2016 Part 2.

3. Scope
PamperTree Ltd is a UK taxpayer. This is clearly acknowledged and documented by the tax strategy for the reporting of all tax and complying with a transparent and honest approach by the company. This is applicable to the agreement, proof of payment and the reporting of all tax that is collected including employment, indirect and corporate income taxes.

4. Our tax strategy declaration
The PamperTree Ltd tax strategy is supported by the business strategy and is in compliance with the management to risk and corporate governance handled by the way we operate. We are committed to always pay the correct tax on time in accordance with the latest laws and policies. PamperTree Ltd recognises any tax risks and deals with them accordingly using the correct controls and a successful tax control structure.

5. Administration
The tax strategy is administered by those with full training and guidance who are also fully responsible to make decisions that may affect the success of the objectives laid out in the tax strategy.

6. Review and development
The PamperTree Ltd tax strategy is required to undergo regular review and will be altered if needed due to the ever changing and developing tax setting globally. Any alterations made to the tax strategy must be approved by the Board of Directors.

7. Finance and other personnel
All Finance employees and other relevant personnel must adhere to the policy in this tax strategy and take responsibility to conform to the regulations in accordance with all governance tax requirements.

8. HMRC Correspondence
PamperTree Ltd will provide all the necessary information to HMRC when required in accordance with the legal disclosure. During all correspondences with HMRC, we will be honest, clear and direct.

9. External advisors
In some cases PamperTree Ltd is able to receive advice on taxes from advisors externally, when the employed Finance team are unable to reach a solution due to lack of expertise or knowledge in the certain field.

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