Gazelli House

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174 Walton Street, London SW3 2JL,… View on map.

Public Transport Links: Easily accessible by bus. A short walk from South Kensington station. A luxurious, modern venue located in the heart of Chelsea, Gazelli House offers a brand new approach to skincare. Treatments are designed to restore your skin and body to optimum health and strength. Each treatment is unique to you as an individual, with highly-skilled skin & body experts there to support you through every step of your journey towards reaching your personal skin goals.

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Back Facial (30 Min)
Anti-Cellulite Massage (60 Min)
Acupuncture (75 Min)

Raw Beauty

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London, UK View on map.

Operating around South East and East London, Raw Beauty is a mobile beauty service providing a wide range of professional and affordable treatments, including back facial, foot spa and Indian head massages, all of which are expertly delivered by a highly trained and dedicated beautician who is on hand from Tuesday to Saturday to provide clients with a first class service, combining their wealth of knowledge and experience with the use of top quality products to deliver flawless and long lasting results every time.

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Indian Head Massage (30 Min)
Back Facials (30 Min)

Reem Divine Aesthetics

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75 Holyrood Avenue, Harrow HA2 8UD,… View on map.

A gorgeously serene beauty room, Reem Divine Aesthetics specialises in a range of skin brightening treatments for women. The inviting salon offers micro needling and LED light therapy, acne busting facials and soothing back facials with a chemical peel so clients can enjoy a calming treatment whatever their skin goals. Located a few minutes from bus stops and Northolt Park train station, Reem Divine Aesthetics is close to the A4090 making travel by car easy and straight-forward. Visit the salon today for your perfect facial.

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Microdermabrasion (40 Min)
Microdermabrasion with… (60 Min)
Back Facial (45 Min)
Back Facial with Chemical… (60 Min)

Fe Hair & Beauty

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22 Kendal Street, London W2 2AW, UK View on map.

Fe Hair & Beauty is an innovative spa with a wide range of services located on Kendal lane, just 5 minutes from Marble Arch. We put years of experience in all treatments to deliver excellent and radiant results. The dynamic interioris designed with an Asian style and traditional style combined with modern design eleganttouches along with their timeless approach to service.Bloody Marys and a promise of pure bliss during every visit are offered at this salon. From their use of the latest brands to their attention to detail, every aspectis designedto help you relax and unwind.

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Upper Lip (10 Min)
Eyebrow Waxing (15 Min)
£15.00   £14.00   93 Off
Eyebrow Waxing (60 Min)
£15.00   £14.00   93 Off
Eyebrows (15 Min)
£18.00   £15.00   83 Off

UK Hair & Beauty

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71 Portway, West Ham, London E15 3QJ,… View on map.

With a visit to this trendy salonlocated in Stratford, changeyour locksto the hair you havebeen dreaming of! UK Hair & Beauty specialises in a range of hair care and provides a wide varietyof classic cuts and colour services.We also provide a selection ofbeauty products including waxing, threading and make-up sessions that are customised to your needs. The talented trio of hair experts caters toall your beauty needsfrom start to finish, whether you're just after an express appointment or treating yourself to afull pampering session. Only minutes walk away from Stratford Station and plenty of parking on the street nearby, arriving to the salonis a piece of cake!

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Eyebrow Threading (pay… (10 Min)
Ladies' Waxing - Hollywood… (30 Min)
Back Polish (20 Min)
Ladies' Waxing - Brazilian… (30 Min)

London Back Facials

Look After Your Skin With A Back Facial

A facial is regularly used among clients to thoroughly cleanse and exfoliate the pores on the face that have been blocked over time with dirt and bacteria and the same goes for the highly effective back facials that are on offer in many salons that refresh the skin and remove any oils that are naturally trapped from wearing clothes all the time and renews the collagen.

Look After Your Skin With A Back Facial

A facial is regularly used among clients to thoroughly cleanse and exfoliate the pores on the face that have been blocked over time with dirt and bacteria and the same goes for the highly effective back facials that are on offer in many salons that refresh the skin and remove any oils that are naturally trapped from wearing clothes all the time and renews the collagen.

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Look Your Best This Summer

A deep cleansing back facial is an essential treatment coming up to the summer months when you are wearing less clothes and the back is more exposed especially for clients suffering from acne on the back or simply have areas of spots due to the blocked-up pores. Clients are highly impressed with the fantastic results of smooth and spot free skin after regular treatments!

Find The Best Salons In London For A Back Facial

Clients can use PamperTree to find the best salonsthat offer an exceptionalback facial in London. Like with the face facials, there are many different options that are suitable for different skin conditions and so the session will begin with a skin consultation performed by the fully qualified and expert technicians to determine which back facial will be the most effective for your skin.

Get The Best Treatment For Your Skin

Once the perfect treatment has been chosen for the back facial, London practitioners start the session with a either a cream or a steam device which thoroughly cleans the back of any trapped debris, dirt and oils that have been blocking the pores and exfoliates the skin. The practitioners also target the most affected areas, mainly up towards the neck and shoulders for women with long hair as the hair produces oils which causes spots and for the men ingrowing hairs are a problem especially for those with hairy backs.

All Of The Elements Of A Back Facial Work Together To Bring Results

This is a painless exfoliation for the majority of clients but for those with sensitive skin, clients should discuss this with the technician before the treatment begins and a lighter version will be prepared instead. Once the back has been exfoliated, a mask or serum is then applied which rehydrates and acts as a detox to nourish the freshly cleaned skin and is packed with nutrients to maintain the healthy glowing skin long after the treatment is over! Some salons may even offer a back, neck and shoulders massage to finish which leaves clients feeling completely relaxed and also relieves the stress built up from working at a desk all day. Skin care is essential not just for the face but for all areas of the body as proven by the fantastic results of a regular back facial that is now so often included in many client’s health and wellbeing regimes!

We Should All Treat Our Skin To Some Tlc Every Now And Then

The back facial is ideal for both men and women and is a must have treatment especially if in the near future you are going to be wearing clothes that reveal your back, such as beach wear in the summer months or dresses for all occasions even in winter during party season and finding the best salon that offers an exceptional back facial is your priority. The back needs just as much TLC as all of the body but it is often forgotten about when it comes to booking health treatments.

Regular Treatments Give The Best Results

Without a regular back facial, the skin may become dry, clothing can create sweat making the glands produce sebum which in turn blocks hair follicles causing blackheads, spots and even acne and cysts to appear in some cases and so an exfoliation removes all of the build-up revealing glowing skin that was hidden underneath. It is always better late than never to receive a well needed treatment and the back facial is no exception! Use this online directory to help you find the most suitable venue for an impressive session that will leave you feeling refreshed!

Find Everything You Need Right Here

PamperTree is a 24-hour service that advertises all available salons that offer a range of health and beauty treatments and with the offers section that is always up to date with the latest trends and deals, clients are guaranteed an outstanding service for a cheap price! A back facial is a regular treatment that is included in many clients’ health and wellbeing plans and finding the perfect venue that performs the best back facial to the highest standard of quality is a must. Search this site for back facial near you or a back facial in London and a selection of options will be provided for clients to browse through including Top Rated salons and spas along with ratings and reviews from previous customers to help you book an appointment in the best London salon that provides an amazing back facial that will make sure you keep coming back for more!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about London Back Facials

What are back facials?

A back facial is a multistep skincare treatment. While performing this skin care treatment, the therapist rejuvenates the skin on your back using a slew of commonly used facial techniques. You can get back facial to improve the health and appearance of some of the hard-to-access areas of the body. Also, the facial techniques used by the therapist will help you to treat a recurring skin problem like back acne.

Is a back facial is a type of facial?

Many spas and beauty salons in London allow customers to get back facial along with various styles of facial. While performing back facial, the therapist uses commonly used facial techniques like exfoliation, steaming, deep cleansing, extraction, and purifying masks. But the therapist focuses only on the skin on your back while giving back facials. The exclusive focus on the skin on your back makes back facial different from popular facial treatments.

What do back facials include?

Like various styles of facial, a back facial is also a multistep skincare treatment. While performing back facial, the therapist will rejuvenate the skin on your back using a slew of facial techniques sequentially.

?    Removing impurities through by cleansing of the skin
?    Exfoliating dead and dry skin cells
?    Cleansing the skin deeply and unclogging the pores using steam
?    Extracting blackheads and whiteheads
?    Nourishing and hydrating the skin using a treatment mask
?    Promoting relaxation by giving a back massage

What benefits can I leverage by getting back facials regularly?

Both men and women these days get facials regularly to keep their skin soft, radiant, and youthful. But they often forget to improve the health and appearance of the skin on the back. You can get back facials regularly to cleanse, nourish, and moisturize the skin on the back. Also, you can get back facials regularly to treat and prevent common skin problems like back acne, along with rejuvenating your dry skin or oily skin.

How do back facials treat and prevent back acne?

Often people experience back acne due to dead skin cells build-up. Dermatologists will advise you to prevent back acne by exfoliating dead skin cells, unclogging clogged pores, and removing dirt and excess oil from the skin. While giving back facial, the therapist will treat and prevent back acne using steaming, exfoliation, and deep cleansing techniques.

How often should I get back facials?

You can keep the skin on your back clean, moisturized, and soft by getting back facials regularly. Trained therapists often advise customers to get back facials at least four times a year. However, you can get back facial before special occasions and beach vacations to expose your back confidently.

What aftercare instructions should I follow after getting back facials?
The therapist uses both deep cleansing and exfoliation techniques while giving back facials. Hence, you will experience skin redness and irritation for several minutes after the back facial session. But you can heal and nourish the skin using products recommended by the therapist. You need to get back facials regularly to treat back acne by clearing and cleaning the skin on your back fully.


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