The Beauty Castle

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65 Castle Street, Haulgh, Bolton, Greater… View on map.

The Beauty Castle is a seriously cute salon based in Bolton, near Manchester, where clients will be treated like queens at the stylishly decorated salon. The salon offers clients a wide range of treatments which include gorgeous manicures and pedicures with options for nail extensions and nail art, brow and lash tints and shaping, ladies’ waxing packages and incredible massage and body treatments that will leave you completely relaxed. So whether you’re looking for all out glam or to enhance your natural beauty, the team at The Beauty Castle have you covered. The team hand picks the best products to ensure clients leave happy with their treatments. Products used at The Beauty Castle include NSI, Sienna X and Skinbase. Ideally located a short ten minute walk from Bolton station and with free parking nearby, The Beauty Castle is excited to welcome you for a luxurious beauty treatment.

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Gel Removal (20 Min)
Classic Removal (20 Min)
Russian Removal (20 Min)
Sienna x Half Body (15 Min)

Rose Beauty Salon - Manchester

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38 John Dalton Street, Manchester,… View on map.

At Rose Beauty Salon you can treat yourself to a range of luxurious treatments, including waxing, threading, makeup and so much more. The friendly team will take care of your every need here in the bright and beautiful salon where you can sit back and relaxed whilst you get pampered head to toe. Rose Beauty Salon can be found inside James and Peter Hair Salon at the Royal Exchange.  

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Eyebrow Threading (10 Min)
Eyebrow Waxing (10 Min)
St Tropez Spray Tanning (25 Min)
Ladies' Waxing - Brazilian… (60 Min)
£50.00   £44.00   88 Off

Salon by Sophie

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Little Box Gym Ltd, Saint Werburgh's… View on map.

Salon by Sophie is a treatment room offering a range of beauty treatments that can be found hidden inside The Little Box Gym in Chorlton. The owner, Sophie, has over 8 years of experience in her field and offers waxing, microdermabrasion, lash and brow treatments, facials and more for you to enjoy in this warm and welcoming space. Salon by Sophie is just a short walk away from St Werburghs tram stop and there is plenty of parking outside the salon if you are driving.  

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Eyelash Tint (15 Min)
Eyebrow Tint (10 Min)
Ladies' Waxing - Bikini… (15 Min)
Half Body (25 Min)

Evie's Retreat Beauty Salon

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115 Lapwing Lane, Manchester, UK View on map.

The award-winning beauty salon Evie’s Retreat offers a range of beauty, spa and nail services for you to enjoy inside the beautiful, boutique salon. If you are looking for a day of pampering, the friendly and professional team at Evie’s Retreat have you covered with manicures, pedicures, facials and so much more. You can find Evie’s Retreat on Lapwing Lane Parade just across from the West Didsbury tram stop near the centre of West Didsbury.  

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File & Colour Gel On… (40 Min)
Eyebrow Lycon Wax (20 Min)
Eyebrow Threading (10 Min)
Director/ Eyebrow Specialist… (30 Min)

Spray Tanning Manchester

Why do we feel healthier, more glamourous, and happier when we have got a golden tan? But while we love going out in the sun, we know that it is not only aging for our skin, but extended natural tanning or tanning from UV radiation can cause skin cancer. The majority of skin cancers are caused by excessive UV radiation from the sun itself or from sunbeds, solariums etc. So, this is where the benefits of a spray tan come in!  

Why do we feel healthier, more glamourous, and happier when we have got a golden tan? But while we love going out in the sun, we know that it is not only aging for our skin, but extended natural tanning or tanning from UV radiation can cause skin cancer. The majority of skin cancers are caused by excessive UV radiation from the sun itself or from sunbeds, solariums etc. So, this is where the benefits of a spray tan come in!  

Spray Tanning in Manchester is always a popular beauty treatment with clients, both male and female, so venues for spray tanning Manchester city center-based are always busy waving goodbye to happy clients who have the “sun-kissed” look that they cherish but without any of the risks!! PamperTree has numerous listings in response to your search for Spray Tanning near Manchester city centre, or of course, close to where you live. The salons which have received outstanding reviews from their past clients, are always featured as top-rated and you can read these authenticated reviews to find somewhere which is acknowledged as a topSunless Tanning salon! Manchester customers will always be delighted to find that some of these salons have even received awards from the CEA (Customer Excellence Awards) in their area of expertise.

Some people are still a little shy of a spray tan at one of the salons offerings unless Tanning; Manchester ladies in some cases having vivid memories of those orange tones which were the trademark of the early false tans. But happily, things have moved on since then and with the excellent products used today, booking a tan from your Spray Tanning salon, Manchester beauticians will use their skills to create a natural-looking perfect look.

Some regular clients, never want to be without their tan, but some clients only visit occasionally and often that visit is inspired by a special occasion on the horizon. They want to highlight their natural skin tones, especially if it is a holiday for no one wants to be the only one on the beach with a pale and pasty skin! Equally popular are weddings where an outfit may have bare shoulders or sandals which demand bare legs to look their best.

When it is the season for Proms, college and university graduations and school reunions, Sunless Tanning near Manchester city centre and the areas around the universities are busier than ever! That perfect tan is an essential for these types of one off events along with the lashes and brows, nails and a great hairstyle to make an appearance which will make the wearer the centre of attention. Times like this have people taking dozens of photos to commemorate the occasion and to look back on in the future, so who doesn’t want to look good!? Anyone entering competitions such as dancing, gymnastics or bodybuilding and groups such as cheerleaders, find that having a spray tan at a well-known tanning salon Manchester guys and girls frequent, sets off the whole body image-enhancing the sculpted body shapes!

Spray Tanning, Manchester clients have found, is so sophisticated now that their unique skin tone can be matched, furthermore, it is no longer the all-over colour that amateur fake tans give, in the hands of a truly talented spray tan artist it is tailor-made to look perfect on all parts of the body. A spray tan is the beauty treatment which does so much, in so many different ways, keeps your skin safe from potentially cancer-causing UV rays and also avoiding the aging effects of sunlight. It is the one solution for the very fair-skinned who simply cannot get a natural tan at all, it is certainly the ultimate cosmetic effect for women and men alike and above all it is so quick. Minimum effort for maximum results!!


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Spray Tanning Manchester

What is spray tanning?

As a cosmetic skin treatment, spray tanning or sunless tanning helps you make your skin look suntanned without exposing the skin to UV rays. While performing spray tanning, the aesthetician will make your skin colour look darker or tanned for a temporary duration by applying a variety of sunless tanning products – creams, lotions, and sprays. The sunless tanning products contain a coloring agent - DHA (dihydroxyacetone) – that darkens the skin colour after interacting with the amino acids in your skin.

Why most people these days prefer spray tanning to sunless tanning?

Many people these days get sunless tanning or spray tanning to develop a suntan while protecting their skin from ultraviolet radiation. Many people opt for sunless tanning as a safer alternative to sun tanning to prevent signs of aging, eliminate the risk of skin cancer, and protect the immune system.

How long does the sunless tan last?

The durability of the sunless tan depends directly on the natural turnover of your skin cells. The tan will fade gradually as a result of skin cell turnover. Hence, you can get spray tanning to make the skin appear darker or tanned for about seven to ten days.

Does spray tanning have any adverse side-effects?

You can get spray tanning to develop a tan by protecting your skin from UV rays. The sunless tanning products used by aestheticians to darken your skin colour contain dihydroxyacetone (DHA). DHA is collected from plant sources. Hence, it does not cause any side-effects while being applied to the skin externally. But you still need to ask the aesthetician to perform a patch test to eliminate the chances of allergic reactions. Also, you must remember that spray tanning products do not protect your skin from the sunlight like sunscreen.

How can I get spray tanning safely?

You can get spray tanning safely by ensuring that the cosmetic skin treatment is performed only by a skilled aesthetician. Experienced aestheticians perform a patch test to ensure that the sunless tanning product is fully compatible with your skin. Also, they will apply the sunless tanning product accurately without causing any harm to your skin.

How shall I prepare my skin properly for the spray tanning session?

When you decide to get spray tanning, it becomes essential to prepare your skin adequately for the sunless tanning session. You can easily prepare your skin for sunless tanning by following some simple instructions shared by experienced aestheticians.

  • Exfoliate the skin to be tanned
  • Take a shower before the appointment
  • Don’t apply any oil or lotion on the skin before the appointment
  • Avoid makeup, perfume, and deodorant before the appointment
  • Don’t wax or shave the skin 24 hours before the appointment
  • Wear dark and loose-fitting clothes
What aftercare instructions shall I follow after getting sunless tanning?

You can easily make the sunless tan look natural and last longer by following the aftercare instructions shared by the aesthetician.

  • Take a shower in plain water for 45 minutes
  • Don’t use any shampoo, scrubs, or shower gel
  • Avoid rubbing or scrubbing the skin
  • Keep the skin moisturized
  • Wear loose-fitting clothes

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