Theresa Webb Dip NT CNM Mobile…

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London, UK View on map.

Theresa Webb BA. Dip. NT is part of Theresa Webb Healthwise but she also offers mobile visits to clients who are unable to travel or are too busy during clinic hours. Theresa is a fully qualified (CNM London trained) Nutritional Therapist Practitioner and for over 10 years she has been a Food Industry Consultant and Specialist and has been developing her skills and ideas to bring clients only the very best advice and guidance on healthy eating and nutrition. The clinics are located in Central and South London and her mobile visits are based in London and South East England. Theresa brings all her talents straight to your door to improve client’s diets and provides various weight loss treatments.

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Weight Loss Treatments (60 Min)
First Time Customers… (90 Min)
£80.00   £70.00   88 Off

Advanced Laser, Slimming & Beauty…

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137 Southwood Road, London SE9 3QL,… View on map.

Situated right next to Mottingham Station in Eltham, Advanced Laser, Slimming and Beauty Clinic provide a wide range of treatments using the most up to date cutting edge techniques and equipment for all of their procedures, including non invasive anti aging treatments, deliver outstanding and long lasting results that leave you looking and feeling fabulous every time. All services are expertly delivered by a highly trained and dedicated therapist who is committed to providing a first class service to each and every client, tailoring treatments to suit your specific needs, guaranteed to leave you feeling on top of the world with every visit.

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Eyebrow Threading (20 Min)
Gel Polish Removal (30 Min)
Hand Massage (20 Min)
Eyelash Extensions -… (20 Min)

Positive Healthy You - Ladies…

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Bromley BR1 3DH, UK View on map.

Maria is a certified therapist in Bromley and is specialised in women's sports injury treatment, deep tissue, oncology, pre /post birth massage and reflexology. She boasts internationally recognised and licence qualifications providing a competent and safe service. Her speciality, with the addition of common muscle or tendon injury, is to treat muscle tension; pain and discomfort through the use of reflexology, other body disorders such as stress, IBS, stomach problems and hay fever will ease. If you need to relax or try to find a solution to a niggling issue, book a Maria Massage & Reflexology session for a power hour of remedial therapy.

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Nutrition help and advice… (30 Min)
Nutrition help and advice… (60 Min)

Kensington Nutrition

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96 Kensington High Street, London W8… View on map.

Situated in Kensington, Kensington Nutrition is a Nutrition Centre focused on helping clients of all ages to make a sustainable and long term difference to their weight, health and boost their energy. The highly trained team advise and guide you on how to lose weight and how to keep it off with their step-by-step programme. They provide all the equipment you need to learn to love your body again. The aim is not only to help you lose weight, but also to offer fantastic nutritional advice for a long term good health, guaranteed to leave you feeling more confident.

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Weight Loss Treatments (60 Min)
£125.00   £115.00   92 Off

Unique Laser Clinic

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1334 Greenford Road, Greenford UB6… View on map.

Situated in Greenford, London, Unique Laser Clinic is a state of the art lounge offering a wide range of laser hair removal treatments. Boasting 2 stunning and comfortably decorated treatment rooms, the highly qualified and skilled team will advise and guide you through your options, helping you pick the best treatment for you, making your experience as painless and relaxed as possible and delivering effective and long lasting results every time.

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Lymphatic drainage (30 Min)
Inch loss (60 Min)
Moderate cellulite (60 Min)
Red stretch marks (30 Min)

Cool Body Beautec at BEAUTY…

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36 Broadway Parade, Crouch End, London… View on map.

Cool Body Beautec at Zoraza Salon and Spa can be found in Highbury, offering non invasive procedures to condition the entire body by getting rid of excess fat. The team of highly trained therapists listen carefully to your specific needs and make sure you're comfortable throughout your whole experience, detailing the process each step of the way. Focused on giving a high quality service and customer satisfaction, they work to their best abilities to surpass your expectations and make sure you leave feeling more than satisfied with the outcome.

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1 Cavitation and Radio… (60 Min)
£135.00   £65.00   48 Off
3 Cavitation and Radio… (60 Min)
£375.00   £175.00   47 Off
4 Cavitation and Radio… (60 Min)
£495.00   £236.00   48 Off

Just Brazilian Wax

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Located just a fifteen minute bus ride from Elephant & Castle Underground, Just Brazilian Wax is the perfect place for both men and women to achieve a wax, lash or massage treatments helping them look and feel fantastic. Daiana, the experience therapist has more than fifteen years of experience and uses quality natural wax made from honey to give you the most soothing and pain-free treatment as possible. From brow shaping to chest hair removal and full on Hollywood Waxing, Daiana is known for her effective and fast service. She is also a specialist is Lymphatic Drainage for after Weight Loss Surgery. Why not indulge in one of the relaxing massage treatments also available at this lounge, as well as soothing facials guaranteed to leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

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Eyelash Tinting (15 Min)
Eyebrow Wax & Tint (15 Min)
Ladies' Waxing - Brazilian (20 Min)
Back, Neck, Shoulders… (30 Min)

Healthy Way Massage Clinic

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127 Holloway Road, London, UK View on map.

Healthy Way on London's Holloway Road, only a5-minute walk from Highbury, Islingtonand Hollowayroad tube stations, offer massages, acupuncture and herbal treatments. With over 16 years of experience, therapists at Healthy Way are intrigued by ancient Chinese wellness andthe way it has progressed over the last thousand years. They use herbaltea and various methods of the mind and body including acupuncture and tai chi to help cure and avoid health problems. Within three beautifully designed therapy rooms, woman therapists conduct all therapies for both men and women, relivingall your unwantedissues and helping you relax.

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Swedish Massage (30 Min)
Thai Massage (30 Min)
Indian Head Massage (30 Min)
Lose Weight Massage (30 Min)

Weight Loss Treatment in London

Get Help On Your Weight Loss Journey With Weight Loss Treatments

For clients who are trying to lose weight with dieting and exercise and no improvement seems to be happening, a weight loss treatment may be the perfect solution! Whether you are trying to slim down in preparation for a special occasion such as a wedding or a holiday or purely want to lose weight to feel better within but nothing you attempt is achieving the results you want, this may be life changing for you.

Get Help On Your Weight Loss Journey With Weight Loss Treatments

For clients who are trying to lose weight with dieting and exercise and no improvement seems to be happening, a weight loss treatment may be the perfect solution! Whether you are trying to slim down in preparation for a special occasion such as a wedding or a holiday or purely want to lose weight to feel better within but nothing you attempt is achieving the results you want, this may be life changing for you.

Check Out All Of Your Options

For many clients, sticking to a diet plan and doing regular exercise begins to feel like a chore but with one of these specialised treatments all of the stress of trying to force your body into the shape you want goes away! Of course, eating well and daily exercise is still highly important during your everyday routine but with a regular weight loss treatment your resolve will surely thicken and you will soon be on the way to achieving your ideal size. A consultation with a professional technician is required to discuss the various options for weight loss treatments in London to find the perfect one that will be most beneficial for your needs.

Chat With A Consultant To Find The Best Treatment For You

Whether you have decided to lose weight because of a holiday coming up, or because of the added weight gain during Christmas or the natural slow build up of weight over a period of time, there are many different treatments available in clinics to ensure everyone receives the most suitable treatment for their needs that achieves the best possible results.

You Can Now Get Fat Loss Injections In The Uk

One of the most popular London weight loss treatments is fat dissolving injections which was first used in other countries and is now available in the UK after testing. The injection is a medication that converts the stored fat in the body into energy which stabilises glucose levels and reduces client’s appetites. Results vary from each client but on average clients lose between 1 and 2 stone in 6 weeks!

Fat Freezing Is An Acclaimed Procedure

Fat freezing is another popular choice being the non surgical alternative to liposuction and involves cooling pads attached to the skin to literally freeze the fat cells to reduce the amount of fat in the body. Visible changes appear after 2 or 3 weeks and clients are highly impressed with the results of both of these treatments! A discussion with the medical technician will help you to decide which of these treatments is the best choice for your needs.

You Don’t Have To Try Something Drastic

There is also a selection of other treatments available in salons and clinics but rather than them being used for weight loss, they are actually used to improve a client’s body shape and figure. These treatments included contour, body wraps, LPG Endermologie, body sculpting and thermojet and are definitely a huge encouragement when it comes to making your body shape perfect without the need to stress about losing weight!

Get All Of The Information You Need

Depending on what you are hoping to achieve with one of these treatments and the suitability of your body’s needs, the medical technician will discuss all of these options with you giving you a chance to ask any questions and you will also need to disclose any medical history and medication being taken to ensure you both decide on the safest and most beneficial treatment which will work perfectly for you!

Find Weight Loss Treatment Clinics In London

PamperTree is a 24 hour service which advertises a wide range of health and beauty treatments available in salons, spas and clinics across the UK including the choice of weight loss treatments in London. Simply search for weight loss treatments near you with a postcode and we will provide a selection of results that best fit their criteria. Top Rated venues are highlighted and clients are also able to see ratings and reviews from previous clients to ensure you book an appointment in the best clinic for a specialised weight loss treatment in London performed by expert medical technicians who always prioritise your health and safety.

Check Out Offers, Deals And Much More, Right Here

The offers section on PamperTree is a big hit with clients as it advertises all the latest deals and discounts on various treatments, so clients are guaranteed a high quality treatment at a cheap price! Use the app or website to book an appointment and you are sure to receive an exceptional treatment with amazing long lasting results of incredible weight loss that many clients are astounded with.

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