You have to consider a slew of factors to get attention simply by wearing a branded swimwear or cute bikini. In addition to choosing a trendy swimwear, you need to focus on removing the unwanted pubic hair from the bikini area. You can remove the unwanted pubic hair using a variety of body hair removal options – shaving, threading, and waxing. But you should opt for bikini waxing to keep the bikini area hair-free for several weeks.


While performing bikini waxing, the aesthetician will shape and remove your pubic hair using a variety of wax. Also, she will allow you to choose from several popular styles of bikini waxing, including Brazilian waxing and Hollywood waxing. When you opt for Brazilian waxing, the aesthetician will leave a small strip of hair in the front, while removing pubic hair from the bikini area completely. 


But she will make your entire intimate area or bikini area smooth by removing the pubic hair completely. She will use special wax to remove the pubic hair from the follicles. Hence, you will experience both discomfort and pain while getting Hollywood wax. It is always important to focus on some important factors to get Hollywood waxing safely without experiencing more pain.


What Should You Focus on While Getting Hollywood Wax?


Different Types of Wax:

While waxing your bikini area, the aesthetician will use a special wax. She will make the wax adhere to your pubic hair before pulling the wax out using cloth strips. The salons allow you to choose from several types of special wax – hard wax, soft wax, hot wax, and cold wax.  You must remember that the hot wax adheres more to the pubic hair than cold wax strips. Hence, the aesthetician can remove hot wax without making you experience more pain. Also, she will not put additional pressure on your sensitive skin while getting Hollywood waxing.  


Hollywood Waxing Procedure:

The aestheticians perform Hollywood waxing just like other body hair removal procedures. She allows you to choose from different types of wax before starting the pubic hair removal procedure. When you opt for hot wax, the aesthetician will melt the wax and apply the hot wax on the bikini area. She will apply the melted wax directly on your skin in the direction of hair growth. She will allow the hot wax to dry for a few minutes before pulling off the wax in the opposite direction of hair growth. 



The hot wax makes it easier for the aesthetician to remove your pubic hair. But the aesthetician will advise you to prepare your skin and pubic hair properly before the Hollywood waxing session. She will advise you to grow the pubic hair up to a quarter of an inch before booking an appointment. Also, you must exfoliate the bikini area gently the night before the waxing appointment and take a shower before the waxing session. The preparation will help the aesthetician to wax your bikini area quickly and help you to reduce waxing pain.


Aftercare Instructions:

 A trained aesthetician needs about 40 minutes to complete Hollywood waxing. Also, she focuses on protecting your skin after removing the pubic hair. But you must follow some simple aftercare instructions to protect the sensitive area of your body. 


In addition to wearing loose clothes:

  • You must not touch the waxed bikini area frequently. 
  • You must avoid swimming, sunbathing, and tanning for 24 hours after the Hollywood waxing session.
  • Likewise, the aesthetician will advise you to not to apply lotion, perfume, or alcohol-based products on the skin immediately after getting Hollywood wax.


PamperTree helps you to get different styles of bikini waxing by gathering information about various salons and spas near you. But you must keep in mind the differences between Brazilian waxing and Hollywood waxing to decide the right way to keep your bikini area smooth and hair-free.


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