Like other business enterprises, the best hair salons also attract and retain customers by delivering an excellent customer experience. Some salons enhance customer experience by deploying skilled hairdressers and hairstylists, while others try to impress customers by offering tea or coffee. However, you cannot boost your salon experience without choosing the right hairdresser.


Every hairdresser changes your personality by combining hair cutting, hair styling, hair texturing, and hair colouring techniques. However, the professional hairdressers differ from each other in many aspects, including training, experience, and expertise. That is why; you must focus on a slew of factors while choosing a new hairdresser.


7 Things You Must Consider While Choosing a New Hairdresser


1. Professional Experience

Unlike experienced hairdressers, new hairstylists often affect the health and appearance of your hair by making mistakes. Hence, you should use the professional experience as the primary parameter to shortlist the hairdressers and hairstylists. Experienced hairdressers always personalize the service using the right haircutting, hairstyling, or hair colouring techniques. Also, they focus on protecting your hair and skin during and after the appointment.


2. Online Portfolio

Many hairdressers these days showcase their skill and expertise by creating online portfolios. Also, most hairdressers update their online portfolios regularly to impress new customers. You can easily assess a hairdresser’s skill and expertise by checking out her online portfolio. However, you must keep in mind your hair type and preferred hairstyle while evaluating the hairdresser’s online portfolio.


3. Specialty

Most hair salons make the same hairdressers perform haircutting, hairstyling, and hair colouring. But the best hair salons make a hairdresser perform only a specific task. For instance, they deploy multiple hairdressers for hair styling and hair colouring. The hairstylists do not colour hair. You can always get superior and personalized salon services by opting for a hairdresser with a speciality.


4. Product Knowledge

The hairdressers stylize and colour hair using a variety of products. Some of these products contain chemical ingredients, while others are natural and organic. You can easily keep the health of your hair intact by ensuring the hairstylist uses the right product. While comparing the hairdressers, you must check if the professional is proficient in using organic products. Also, you must check if she is checking the compatibility of chemical-based products with your skin by conducting a patch test in advance.


5. Trend Awareness

The trends in haircutting, hairstyling, and hair colouring change at regular intervals. Good hairdressers track the emerging trends regularly. They collect information from both local and online sources to learn about the hottest haircutting and hairstyling trends. Also, they help customers to compare the classic and trends hairstyles according to the length, type, and texture of their hair.


6. Recommendation

You can assess the skill and expertise of a hairdresser accurately by collecting feedback from her existing clients. While looking for a good hairdresser, you must request your friends or coworkers to recommend professional hairstylists. You can even consider shortlisting hair salons based on the feedback, suggestions, and recommendations shared by some of the people whom you trust.


7. Consultation

Most hair salons and hairdressers these days offer a free consultation to customers. The free consultations create an opportunity for you to evaluate the skill, experience, and expertise of the hairdresser by asking a variety of questions. You can easily choose a good hairdresser by requesting the professional to suggest the appropriate hairstyle according to your hair type, length, and condition.


In addition to personalizing haircutting, hairstyling, or hair colouring services, good hairdressers focus on nourishing and protecting your hair. You can boost the salon experience only by comparing the hairdressers while comparing the best hair salons. It is also important to compare the hair salons using the right parameters to find a good hairdresser near you.

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