When you opt for a blow dry, the hairdresser will style your hair using a handheld dryer. But the hairdresser will protect and nourish your hair using liquid keratin when you opt for a Brazilian blow dry.


Brazilian blow dry is still different from other keratin treatments. You can get Brazilian blow dry to keep your hair smooth and frizz-free for three to four months. Also, you can get Brazilian blow dry regardless of your hair type. The trained hairdresser will personalize the Brazilian keratin treatment according to your precise needs. You still need to know some important factors to answer basic questions like what is a Brazilian blow dry.


Different from Other Keratin Treatments


Brazilian blow dry is often described as a keratin treatment. But you must remember that the Brazilian hair treatment is different from other keratin treatments. Brazilian blow dry is much lighter than other keratin treatments. While performing Brazilian blow dry, the hairdresser will keep your hair smooth and frizz-free by applying keratin only on the outer layers of the hair. Hence, Brazilian blow dry keeps your hair smooth and frizz-free for a shorter duration than other keratin treatments.


Brazilian Blow Dry Products


While performing Brazilian keratin treatment, the hairdressers use liquid keratin. The liquid keratin provided your hair with a protective cover. In addition to keeping your hair frizz-free, the product is effective in preventing hair damage and hair breakage. Experienced hairdressers always apply the right amount of liquid keratin to your hair based on your precise hair type and condition. Also, they personalize the Brazilian blow drying procedure according to your precise needs to keep your hair smooth and frizz-free for three to four months.


Brazilian Blow Drying Procedure


Before applying the blow dry product, the hairdresser will remove dirt and product built-up completely by washing your hair thoroughly. After preparing your hair, she will apply the liquid keratin formula to various sections of the hair by starting from the roots to the tips. She will make the keratin formula set properly using a hot iron. Also, she will blow dry the hair before washing your hair. Finally, the hairdresser will apply a deep conditioning mask on your hair and blow dry the hair again.


Aftercare Instructions


You can make the Brazilian blow dry treatment more effective by taking care of your hair properly after the appointment. You can wash the hair regularly after the Brazilian blow-drying session. But the hairdresser will advise you to avoid shampoos and conditioners containing sulphur or chlorine. Also, you can change the colour of your hairs about one week after the appointment. The hairdressers will advise you to get hair colouring before getting a Brazilian keratin treatment.


You can get Brazilian blow dry to nourish and protect various types of hair – coloured, bleached, highlighted, permed, damaged, and straightened. In addition to promoting hair growth, cosmetic treatment will protect your hair from heat and humidity. But you must follow the aftercare instructions shared by the hairdresser to make the results last for several months. 

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