While visiting a lash bar, you have the option to choose from a wide range of cosmetic treatments and cosmetic makeup applications. As popular cosmetic makeup applications, eyelash extensions change the natural look and feel of your eyelashes by adding length, curls, thickness, or fullness. But you need to maintain the lash extensions properly and get them infilled regularly to make the cosmetic makeup applications last longer.


As a popular alternative to eyelash extensions, eyelash permanent wave or eyelash perm makes your eyes appear bigger and brighter without makeup. In addition to being less expensive than eyelash extensions, eyelash perming does not require you to maintain the eyelashes regularly. The cosmetic treatment makes your eyelashes appear longer and fuller for several weeks using chemical solutions.


The perm solutions contain ammonium thioglycolate as an active component. The perm solutions make your natural lashes appear longer or curlier through a chemical process. That is why; you must focus on protecting your natural lashes while getting eyelash perming. Also, you must know the important aspects of eyelash perming before visiting a lash bar near you.


5 Things You Must Know Before Getting Eyelash Perming


1) Different from Eyelash Lifting

Often first-timers ignore the differences between eyelash perm and eyelash lift. Both eyelash perm and eyelash lift are cosmetic treatments that make your lashes appear longer using the same chemical solutions. But the lash technician uses a cylindrical rode while performing eyelash perm and uses speed hump-shaped devices while giving eyelash lift. The results of eyelash lift last longer than eyelash perm. You can easily differentiate between the popular eyelash treatments by consulting the lash technician.


2) Eyelash Perming Procedure

While performing eyelash perming, the lash technician will change the look and feel of your eyelashes using a chemical solution. She will start the cosmetic treatment by applying a special adhesive on the eyelashes and holding the lashes in curled position using mini foam rollers. She will subsequently apply the chemical-based perming solution and leave the perming solution for about five minutes. She will apply a neutralizing solution after removing the perming solution.


3) Preparation for Eyelash Perming

You can easily prepare your eyelashes for cosmetic treatment by following some simple instructions.

  • Wash the lashes with soap and water
  • Don’t apply any makeup before visiting the lash bar
  • Avoid applying mascara for several days before the eyelash perming appointment


4) Eyelash Perming Aftercare

Your eyelashes will appear longer and fuller for several weeks after getting eyelash perming. But you must follow some aftercare instructions 24 hours after the appointment to make the results last longer.

  • Ensure that eyebrows do not get wet
  • Avoid rubbing the eyes and applying any makeup
  • Brush the eyelashes regularly using a lash brush
  • Remove makeup using only a non-oily remover
  • Don’t use an eyelash curler

5) Safety and Protection

While performing eyelash perming, the lash technician will apply a chemical solution to the eyelashes. That is why; you must protect your eyes and natural lashes by ensuring that the cosmetic treatment is performed only by a well-trained lash technician. Also, you must not get this cosmetic treatment if you have

  • dry eyes, 
  • skin sensitivity, 
  • eye sensitivity, or 
  • allergies.

At the same time, you must consult the lash technician to learn how to manage some of the common side effects of eyelash perming.

You can leverage the relevant information collected by PamperTree to compare the lash bars and lash technicians near you. But you must remember that eyelash perming is different from both eyelash extensions and eyelash lifting. It is always important to understand the important aspects of this popular cosmetic eyelash treatment before comparing the beauty salons or lash bars near you.



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