Nail Extension - What is it?

As popular fashion accessories, nail extensions or nail enhancements add length and strength to your natural nails in a few minutes. While applying the nail enhancements, the nail technician will place or affix the artificial nails on your natural nails in a number of ways. Also, she will allow you to choose from a wide range of nail extensions – soft gel nails, hard gel nails, acrylic nails, and shellac nails. The nail extensions differ from each other in several aspects including results.


You can extend your natural nails by getting both hard gel nail extensions and acrylic nail extensions. Both artificial nails make your fingernails appear longer for several weeks. But you must remember the nail artist will apply each type of nail extensions differently. Also, you need to take care of each of these artificial nails in a specific way. That is why; you must keep in mind some important factors while choosing from acrylic nails and hard gel nails.


Comparing Two Popular Nail Extensions: Hard Gel Nails vs. Acrylic Nails


During the Application

Acrylic Nails - Before applying acrylic nail extensions, the nail technician will ask you to finalize the length, shape and colour of the artificial nails. The nail technician will prepare dough by mixing liquid and powder monomer solutions before applying acrylic nails. She will use a brush to extend the length of your natural nails. Also, she will shape the acrylic nails according to your preference.


Gel Nails - The nail technician will end the procedure by applying your choice of nail polish. On the other hand, she will create hard gel nails by applying multiple coats of hard gel polish. After applying each coat of hard gel, she will cure the artificial nails by putting your fingers under LED or UV light. The LED or UV light will cure and harden the artificial nails in a few seconds.


Aftercare and Maintenance

Acrylic Nails - While comparing various types of nail extensions, you must remember that acrylic nails need more maintenance and care than hard gel nails. You can make the acrylic nails last longer only by trimming, filing, and painting the natural nails regularly. Also, you must follow the aftercare instructions shared by the nail technician to protect the acrylic nails while performing household activities. Also, you need to get the acrylic nails infilled or refilled by the nail technician every two to three weeks.


Gel Nails - While infilling the acrylic nails, the nail technician will make the nails stylish and natural by covering the gap between the nail beds and artificial nails. However, you need to take care of the hard gel nails by following specific aftercare instructions. You still need to get the hard gel nails infilled by a nail technician every two to three weeks to make the nail extensions last longer.

Hence, both acrylic and hard gel nails must be infilled regularly to last longer.


Removing Nail Extensions Safely 

Acrylic Nails - Unlike hard gel nails, acrylic nails are not cured using UV or LED light. Hence, that can be removed easily using acetone. You can easily remove the acrylic nails by getting them soaked in acetone for several minutes. But first-timers often damage their natural nails by removing the acrylic nails in the wrong way. It is always advisable to get the acrylic nails removed safely and properly by a nail technician. In addition to being more durable than soft gel nails, hard gel nails are not easy to chip.


Gel Nails - You must not try to remove hard gel nails using acetone or regular nail polish remover. You will end up damaging the natural nails by getting artificial nails removed inaccurately. As the artificial nails are cured using UV or LED light, the nail technicians will remove them using the appropriate nail file. She will file the hard gel gently without causing any harm to the natural nails. Also, she will nourish your nails by applying cuticle oil or moisturizer applying removing the hard gel nails.


PamperTree helps you to get both hard gel nails and acrylic nails by collecting information about many nail salons and nail technicians. But you must keep in mind these basic differences between hard gel nails and acrylic nails to choose and get the perfect nail extensions. Also, you should consider some important factors to protect your natural nails while getting or removing the nail extensions.


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