While visiting a nail salon, you can beautify and stylize your fingernails by getting several styles of manicures. When you opt for a basic manicure, the manicurist will apply your choice of colour nail polish on the fingernails, after trimming, shaping, and cleaning the nails. But the manicurist will apply gel polish instead of nail polish when you decide to get a gel nail manicure.


Unlike nail polish, gel polish is not air-dried. Instead, the gel polish is cured using either UV light or LED light. The curing procedure makes gel polish last longer than regular nail polishes. Also, the gel polish remains chip-free for several weeks. You can make the gel nails last longer through regular maintenance. That is why; you must focus on some simple factors related to gel nails manicure before visiting a nail salon near you.


What Should You Know While Getting Gel Nails Manicure?

Gel Nail Polish

Gel polish is often described as a special form of nail polish. But you must remember that gel polish and regular gel nail polish differ from each other in many aspects, including chemical compositions. Unlike regular nail polish, gel nail polish is cured using LED or UV light. Hence, gel nail polish lasts for several weeks without cracks and chips. You can get a gel nail manicure to keep your nails sturdy and stylish for about two weeks.



The manicurist will start gel nails manicure by pushing back the cuticles and shaping and buffing the nails. After preparing your fingernails, she will apply a base coat, two coats of gel polish, and a final topcoat sequentially. After applying every coat of gel polish, she will cure the gel nail polish by placing your fingernails under an LED light. The LED light will cure, dry, and harden the gel nail polish in seconds.



The gel nails remain fresh and stylish for about two weeks without chips and cracks. But the look and feel of the gel nails deteriorate as the gap between the gel nails and nail cuticles increases due to the growth of your natural nails. You can make the gel nails last longer by getting infills every two to three weeks. While performing gel nail infills, the manicurist will bridge the gap between gel nails and nail cuticles by applying and curing coats of gel nail polish.



The gel nail polish can be removed like regular nail polish using acetone. But you must remember that gel polish is cured using UV or LED light. Hence, you will damage the natural nails by removing the gel polish inaccurately. You can easily protect your fingernails by getting the gel polish removed by a manicurist. It is also important to consider getting the gel polish infilled instead of removing it.


You can get a gel nail manicure to keep your fingernails stylish and appealing for several weeks. But you must focus on keeping your natural nails safe while getting and removing the gel nails. That is why; it becomes essential to understand important aspects of this style of manicure by asking the manicurist a slew of questions.

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