Unlike other skin diseases, cellulite does not impact the health of your skin adversely. But the localized skin problem affects the appearance of the skin on your thighs, hips, abdomen, stomach, and buttocks. It makes the skin appear uneven, dimpled, and lumpy by building up fat underneath the skin. Based on appearance and symptoms, the physicians divide cellulite into multiple categories – soft cellulite, hard cellulite, and edematous cellulite.


Before comparing various anti-cellulite treatments, you must consult a physician to know what causes the skin problem. You may experience cellulite due to a variety of reasons – age, hormones, genetic factors, diet, physical inactivity, and smoking. You can easily treat cellulite organically by changing your diet, exercising regularly, and giving up smoking.


But you cannot get rid of cellulite in a short amount of time only by changing your lifestyle and diet. You can rejuvenate the dimpled and lumpy skin by getting a number of anti-cellulite treatments. But you must spend some time comparing various treatment options for cellulite to get long-lasting results.


Comparing 5 Anti-Cellulite Treatments that Work

1) Cryolipolysis

Cryolipolysis is one of the non-invasive treatment options for cellulite. While performing cryolipolysis, the therapist breaks down the fat cells by exposing body fat to extremely cold temperature. He will expose the areas affected by cellulite to extremely cold temperature for several minutes using a vacuum applicator. Your body will absorb the fat cells destroyed during the procedure over a period of time. But you can reduce the appearance of cellulite significantly only after getting cryolipolysis regularly over three to four months.


2) Ultrasound Therapy

As its name suggests, this anti-cellulite treatment option reduces the appearance of cellulite using high-frequency sound waves. While performing ultrasound therapy, the physiotherapist will deliver high-frequency sound waves to the targeted areas using a transducer head. The mechanical vibration caused by the sound waves will destroy the fat accumulated under the skin. You can reduce the appearance of cellulite by getting ultrasound therapy over two to three months.


3) Acoustic Wave Therapy

This non-invasive procedure reduces the appearance of cellulite using low-intensity and non-invasive acoustic waves. While performing acoustic wave therapy, the therapist will apply motion waves to the targeted areas safely using a non-invasive medical device. The motion waves will vibrate the connective tissues around the area affected by cellulite. The vibration will reduce the appearance of cellulite and rejuvenate your skin by promoting the production of collagen. But you can improve the texture and elasticity of the skin only after several acoustic wave therapy sessions.


4) Laser Treatment

While performing laser treatment, the dermatologist will destroy the tough band beneath the skin affected by cellulite. She will make this by delivering the laser through a small laser fibre. The laser fibre will destroy the tough bands affecting the appearance of your skin by causing cellulite. In addition to reducing the appearance of cellulite, laser treatment also makes your skin thicker. But you must get laser treatment regularly to reduce the appearance of cellulite for about six months.


5) Cellfina

This non-surgical cellulite treatment option reduces the appearance of cellulite in a few days. While performing cellfina, the dermatologist will break up the tough bands causing cellulite using a needle. He will use the needle to break and destroy the tough bands in a small amount of time. But you can get cellfina to get rid of cellulite for a longer duration up to three years.


You have the option to choose from many anti-cellulite treatments. But you must remember that the effectiveness of each cellulite treatment option varies from one person to another. Hence, you must focus on getting the right cellulite treatment according to the type and causes of this localized skin problem.

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