You can easily enhance your personal style by changing the shape and definition of your eyebrows. You can change the shape and definition of your eyebrows by getting a variety of cosmetic treatments. Eyebrow waxing is one of the popular cosmetic treatments for eyebrows. You can opt for eyebrow waxing to change the shape and definition of the eyebrows by removing unwanted and stray facial hair.


While performing this facial hair removal procedure, the spa therapist will remove unwanted eyebrow hairs from the follicles using special wax. Hence, you can change the shape and definition of your eyebrows for up to eight weeks by getting eyebrow waxing. But you will experience less pain and prevent skin infections only by focusing on some important factors before getting eyebrow waxing. 


6 Things You Should Know Before Getting Eyebrow Waxing 


1) Preparation

You can make it easier for the therapist to wax your eyebrows by preparing the skin and facial hair properly before the waxing appointment. The therapist will advise you to allow the eyebrows to grow for at least a quarter of an inch before booking an appointment. You must not apply any makeup on the eyebrows before the waxing appointment. Also, you should exfoliate the skin gently 48 hours before the waxing appointment.


2) Type of Wax

While waxing eyebrows at home, women find it convenient to use soft wax. But the professional brow technicians always use hard wax. In addition to removing facial hair smoothly, hard wax is effective in reducing waxing pain. That is why; you should instruct the therapist to use hard wax instead of soft wax while performing this facial hair removal procedure.


3) Waxing Procedure

The professional therapist will start the procedure by cleansing your eyebrows and applying a pre-depilatory lotion. After preparing the eyebrows, she will warm hard wax to a temperature of about 45 degrees. She will apply the warm wax in the direction of hair growth. She will allow the wax to harden before pulling off the wax in the opposite direction of hair growth. Finally, she will brush the eyebrow hairs upward and remove the stray hair using tweezers. 


4) Side Effects

While performing this cosmetic treatment, the therapist will remove eyebrow hairs from the roots. Hence, you will experience both pain and discomfort during the waxing session. Also, waxing will make you experience temporary side effects like skin irritation, swelling, and redness. You can easily alleviate pain and manage these side effects by following the aftercare instructions shared by the therapist. 


5) Aftercare

In addition to causing pain, eyebrow waxing makes the more skin sensitive. Hence, you must soothe and heal the skin after the waxing session by following simple aftercare instructions - like:

  • Don’t touch the waxed area frequently 
  • Wash hands before touching the eyebrow area 
  • Avoid applying makeup on the waxed skin
  • And don’t indulge in strenuous activities that will make you sweat.

6) Alternatives

While visiting a brow bar or beauty salons, you have the option to choose from several cosmetic treatments for eyebrows. For instance, you can get your eyebrows with the perfect shape by using either eyebrow waxing or threading. Likewise, you can enhance the definition and shape of your eyebrows by opting for eyebrow waxing and tinting. That is why; it becomes essential to differentiate eyebrow waxing from other popular cosmetic treatments for eyebrows before booking an appointment.


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