The trends in men’s haircutting and hairstyling change from time to time. But the popularity of certain men’s haircuts and hairstyles remain intact despite changing trends. While asking for a haircut or hairstyle, you have to focus on several factors to enhance your personal styles. The experienced hairstylists will advise you to choose and get a haircut that complements your face shape perfectly.


The right haircut will enhance your personal style by accentuating certain facial features and concealing certain facial features. The hairstylists will help you to compare various long hairstyles, short haircuts, and medium length hairstyles for men. But you must keep in mind some of the popular haircuts for men to compare the classic and trendy hairstyles.


6 Popular Men’s Hair Cuts and Styles to Enhance Your Personal Style


1. Undercut

The undercut is one of the popular hairstyles for short hair and medium hair. Many people these days opt for an undercut hairstyle as an alternative to fade haircuts. When you opt for an undercut hairstyle, the hairdresser will keep the hair long at the top, while buzzing the hair at the back and sides short. You also have to appear more stylish by combining undercut with other popular hairstyles for short hair.


2. Buzz Cut

Many men these days get buzz cut to save the time and effort required to maintain various hairstyles. When you opt for a buzz cut, the hairstylist will reduce the length of the hair at the top, back, and sides uniformly. He will use clippers to reduce the length of your hair to about ½ inch. In addition to being a flexible hairstyle, a buzz cut is often regarded as the perfect hairstyle for professionals.


3. Crew Cut

The crew cut is a popular short haircut for men. When you opt for a crew cut, the hairdresser will reduce the length of your hair to about ½ inch. He will start by shortening the hair at the top of your head. Also, he will make the hair on your back and sides shorter than the hair at the top. However, you can personalize this classic hairstyle by deciding the length of the hair.


4. Side Part

A side part is one of the classic hairstyles for men. Many professionals opt for this hairstyle to enhance their personal style in formal and corporate environments. However, you can still appear stylish during casual or informal occasions by getting this hair cut and style. The hairstylist will part your hair using a comb and pull the hair to one side while creating this hairstyle.


5. Comb Over

The balding men often opt for comb over hairstyles to cover the bald area. While creating a comb-over hairstyle, the hairdresser makes the hair appear textured and sided. You can get comb over hairstyle to make your hair appear stylish and textured simply by combing to one side. The hairdresser will help you choose from different variants of comb-over hairstyle according to the type, length, and condition of your hair.


6. Spiky Hair

This men’s hairstyle was immensely popular during the 1990s. But many people make spiky hair trendy by making their hair point in different directions. You can choose from different styles of spiky haircuts according to your face shape, hair length, and hair texture. Also, the hairdressers use a variety of hairstyling techniques and products to make the hair appear angled.


You cannot appear stylish only by asking for a trendy haircut or hairstyle for men. It is always important to choose a haircut and style that complement your face shape and hair type. Also, you should keep in mind these popular men’s hairstyles while comparing the hottest trends on men’s haircuts.

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