If you’ve always wanted long hair, but never seem to be able to make your hair grow, then you probably have tried every single supplement on the market. So many claims to provide extraordinary results and lead to disappointment. There are, however, various natural treatment options that have been proven to provide results that encourage hair growth. 

5 Ways to Make your Hair Grow Faster

1. Scalp Massage

Good hair growth starts at the scalp. A healthy scalp is a foundation for healthy hair. Research has shown that scalp massage can provide all sorts of benefits including lowered blood pressure and reduced stress levels. Scalp massage also helps to improve blood flow to the scalp which strengthens roots and encourages hair growth.

2. Limit Heat Exposure

If you regularly use curling irons, straighteners and hairdryers, then this may be impacting your hair growth. Using heat frequently causes damage and can make your hair more brittle. Many stylists will recommend avoiding using heat too often in order to minimise damage and increase the health of your hair. If you still want to use heat tools, then it is vital to use a heat protection spray. 

3. Trim your Split Ends

It may seem counterproductive to cut your hair while you are trying to grow it, but trimming your hair is essential. Doing this works to improve the health of your hair and encourages hair growth. If you leave split ends without trimming them, the split will eventually work its way up the hair shaft. This means that you will end up needing more hair cut off in the long-run. It is generally advised to have your hair trimmed every six to eight weeks. 

4. Use Keratin Products

Keratin is a popular product for improving the look of your hair, giving a shiny look and fighting dryness. Not only does keratin leave hair looking and feeling great, it can also help to improve hair health which can be beneficial for hair growth. Regular use helps to strengthen hair and prevent breakage.

5. Brush Gently

If you struggle with tangles, then it can be tempting to brush roughly. This can actually damage your hair and increase breakages. The increase of breakages and splitting is the opposite of what you want when you are trying to encourage hair growth. By brushing gently and using the right kind of brush, you can reduce the amount of damage caused. 

Questions & Answers:

Q: I have alopecia, can these treatments help?
A: Obviously, results are varied and not everyone will achieve the same level of growth. If you have a medical reason behind your lack of hair growth, then it is always best to seek advice from a medical professional. 

Q: I want my hair to grow, but I would like long hair now. Is there something I can do while my hair is growing?

A: If you want to grow your hair, but are impatient for a long hairstyle now, then there are beauty options available for you. Hair extensions can be a good choice for an immediate change and they can be removed when your natural hair reaches your desired length. To find an expert hair stylist for hair extensions, search the PamperTree website for mobile hairdressers and salons near you.

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