The beauty salons allow you to choose from several facial hair removal options – shaving, waxing, tweezing, and threading. Some of these facial hair removal options help you to get rid of unwanted facial hair for a few days, while others keep your skin hair-free from several weeks. You can opt for facial threading to keep your face smooth and hair-free for two to three weeks.

While performing facial hair threading, the beautician will remove the facial hair using a thin cotton thread. She will use roll the twisted cotton thread over the skin to pluck multiple hairs. Also, she will remove the facial hair from the follicles and roots. Hence, you will experience some amount of pain and discomfort during the facial treading procedure. You must focus on some simple factors to reduce pain.

Important Things You Should Know Before Getting Facial Threading

A Better Alternative to Facial Hair Waxing

You can get rid of unwanted facial hair for several weeks by getting both facial waxing and facial threading. While performing facial waxing, the aesthetician will remove the unwanted hair by applying hot wax. Hot wax often makes the facial hair removal procedure messy. Also, the hot wax sometimes increases skin sensitivity and causes skin allergy. But facial threading does not cause skin allergies. Also, the experienced aestheticians exfoliate dead skin cells using the thread, along with removing the unwanted facial hair precisely. 


The aestheticians will advise you to allow the facial hair to grow fully before the facial threading session. You should grow the facial hair up to at least ¼ inch before booking a threading appointment. The increase in the length and volume of the eyebrow hair will make it easier for the aesthetician to shape and define your eyebrows. Also, you should exfoliate the eyebrow area gently and wear light makeup before the facial waxing appointment. 


While performing facial threading, the aesthetician will not use any specific product or tools. She will remove the unwanted facial hair using a cotton thread. After making you sit comfortably in a chair, she will understand your preferences by asking a slew of questions. She will twist the cotton thread and roll the twisted thread over the skin to pluck the unwanted facial hair from the follicles. The experienced aestheticians use the thread to add definition to your eyebrows by removing the unwanted hair precisely. 

Aftercare Instructions:

Unlike facial waxing, facial threading does not increase the chances of skin allergy. But you still need to take care of the skin properly after the waxing session by following the aftercare instructions shared by the beautician. The beautician will advise you not to touch or rub the eyebrow area frequently after the threading session. You need to use a cool compress to relax the treated skin and reduce discomfort. Also, you must avoid sunlight exposure, steam treatments, heat treatments, and swimming pools for 48 hours after the threading session.

Unlike other facial hair removal options, facial threading adds definition to your eyebrows by removing the unwanted facial hair precisely. But you must compare facial threading with other facial hair removal techniques to get rid of unwanted hair without experiencing more pain. 


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