While visiting a beauty salon or spa, you have the option to choose from several popular styles of bikini waxing, including Hollywood waxing and Brazilian waxing. When you opt for Brazilian waxing, the aesthetician will leave a small strip of hair in the front after removing your pubic hair completely. But she will remove your pubic hair completely when you opt for Hollywood waxing.


She will remove your pubic hair completely from the follicles using either hot wax or cold wax. Also, she will remove the pubic hair from the front as well as between the legs and buttocks. Hence, you can get Hollywood waxing to keep your entire bikini area hair-free for about 3 to 6 weeks. When you decide to get Hollywood waxing, it becomes essential to explore ways to reduce waxing pain and keeping your skin safe.


5 Things You Should Keep in Mind While Getting Hollywood Waxing


1. Preparation
The aestheticians will advise you to grow the pubic hair up to at least a quarter of an inch before booking a bikini waxing appointment. The length of the pubic hair will help the aesthetician to wax your bikini area smoothly. Also, you will experience less pain by allowing the pubic hair to grow for two weeks. It is also advisable to exfoliate the bikini area gently using a sugar scrub every alternative day in the week before the bikini waxing appointment. 


2. Wax
Before waxing your bikini area, the aesthetician will allow you to choose from four distinct types of wax – hard wax, soft wax, hot wax, and cold wax. But the aesthetician will advise you to choose hot wax while getting Hollywood waxing. The aesthetician will melt the wax using heat and apply a thick layer of the melted area on the skin. Despite appearing messy, the hot wax adheres well to the skin. Hence, the aesthetician need not apply hot wax repeatedly. You can easily reduce waxing pain by opting for hot wax instead of cold wax.


3. Procedure
After making your lye down on a massage table, the aesthetician will prepare the bikini area for the waxing procedure by applying an antiseptic and natural gel. She will apply the melted wax onto the targeted area in the direction of hair growth. After allowing the hot wax to set for a few minutes, she will remove your pubic hair by pulling the wax in the opposite direction of hair growth. You have to stretch the skin and change positions regularly to make it easier for the aesthetician to apply and remove the hot wax.


4. Aftercare
You must wear loose and clean clothes after getting Hollywood waxing. Also, you must not touch or scratch the waxed bikini area frequently. The aesthetician will advise you to avoid saunas, swimming pools, tanning beds, gyms, and hot baths for 48 hours after the waxing session. Also, you must protect and soothe the waxed skin by applying an antiseptic cream on the bikini area regularly for three days after the waxing appointment. 


5. Considerations
Often first-timers feel embarrassed or uncomfortable while getting Hollywood waxing. Some women find it challenging to expose their intimate area to an aesthetician. The experienced aestheticians focus on keeping your relaxed and comfortable throughout the bikini waxing procedure. Also, they help you to take care of the waxed bikini area by sharing aftercare instructions. However, you must ask the aesthetician a slew of questions to keep your skin safe after the waxing session. 

Unlike other styles of bikini waxing, Hollywood waxing makes the aesthetician remove your pubic hair completely. Hence, you must prepare properly for the bikini waxing session as well as take cares of the bikini area properly after the waxing session.


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