Like hairstyling trends, eyebrow styling trends also change from time to time. You can easily onlookers at special events by changing the natural shape and definition of your eyebrows. You also have the option to choose from a wide range of cosmetic eyebrow treatment – eyebrow waxing, eyebrow threading, eyebrow tinting, HD brows, and microblading. 

Unlike other cosmetic treatments for eyebrows, HD brows do not change the shape and definition of eyebrows by removing unwanted hair. While performing HD brow treatment, the brow technician will transform and enhance your brows through a series of steps – eyebrow tinting, eyebrow hair removal, and finishing.

Also, she will personalize the eyebrow treatment according to your preferred eyebrow style. But you must remember that HD eyebrows treatment is not an alternative to microblading. Also, you must understand what makes HD eyebrow treatment different from other cosmetic eyebrow treatments before visiting a brow bar.

Some Things to Know Before Getting HD Eyebrow Definition Treatment

Different from Microblading

Many first-timers opt for HD eyebrow definition as an alternative to microblading. You must remember that HD brows are a multistep eyebrow treatment. The brow technician will transform your eyebrows by combining a variety of techniques. But she will make your eyebrows look fuller using semi-permanent tattooing technique while performing microblading. The semi-permanent tattooing technique makes the results of microblading last longer than HD brows.

Personalization and Preparation

The brow technician needs a variety of information to provide the desired shape and style to your eyebrows. Before starting the eyebrow treatment, she will assess your face shape, skin tone, and facial features. She will ask you to slew of questions to understand your preferred eyebrow shape, length, colour, and style. Also, she will perform a patch test to ensure that the tinting product is fully compatible with your skin.


As mentioned earlier, HD brows are a multistep cosmetic eyebrow treatment. After understanding your preferences, the brow technician will shape and define your eyebrows through eyebrow tinting. She will apply a semi-permanent dye to make the eyebrows complement your skin tone and hair colour. 

The brow technician will remove the unwanted eyebrow hairs by performing eyebrow waxing. After waxing the eyebrows, she will perform eyebrow threading to remove the fluffy hair appearing above and below the eyebrows.

After removing the unwanted brow hair, the brow stylist will trim the unruly hairs and remove the stray hairs using tweezers. Finally, she will give a finish to your eyebrows to create your desired style. You can personalize the eyebrow treatment by conveying your preferences clearly with the brow stylist during the consultation process.

Aftercare Instructions

The results of HD eyebrow treatment last for about four weeks to six weeks. The shape and definition of the eyebrow will change with the growth of your eyebrow hairs. But you can make the HD brows last longer by following the aftercare instructions shared by the brow stylist. The brow technician will advise you to avoid sunbathing, steam rooms, saunas, hot bath, and facial steamer for 24 hours after the appointment. Also, you must not apply any makeup on the eyebrows and rub the brow area for 24 hours.

Unlike other eyebrow treatment options, HD brows are completely personalized according to your preferences. But you must not forget to compare HD brows with other eyebrow treatment options by consulting a brow technician before booking an appointment. 


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