The Pandemic has really changed how we do things. Just last week I was thinking about life before all of this before 2020 reared its ugly head and it’s hard to imagine. Do you remember shopping? It used to be a hobby I honestly contemplated adding to my CV; ‘Window Shopper Extraordinaire,’ ‘Mistress of the Mall,’ ‘Queen of the Changing Room’. Ok, maybe not that last one, but you get the idea. Going out with friends to enjoy the simple pleasure of trying things on and looking good. It was a solid plan for a day out, and a good way to let out some stresses.


Since Covid shut everything down back in March, I was aching for my shopping fix and so I moved online. There isn’t as much fun in the size guessing, false marketing and fabric lottery, but it has its highlights. Being able to sit in bed and scroll through site after site, adding things to basket before moving them to a ‘When I’m Rich’ wish list, has its perks. But for some things, the online world can be a nightmare.


While clothing brands have had years to perfect their tricky algorithms and sleek and trendy user experience menus, the beauty, wellness and wellbeing industries are less… shall we say refined? With the restrictions on numbers of people in the store and a need for pre-bookings, salons, clinics and spas alike are all vying to make their online presence known. Safe to say, finding the right place to get my much-needed post-lockdown beauty appointment (facial, cut and recolour needed ASAP) booked, has been a nightmare, especially with so many places having to close their doors. Add to that the dangers of online booking, false marketing, over-inflated prices and everything else, and booking a well-deserved pampering (and boy do we need one), can seem impossible.


That’s what I thought until I found PamperTree, and let me tell you, I have never looked back. But I know taking a chance on a new booking site can be a bit like buying a dress from Wish, so here are some real honest reasons why I like PamperTree.  


1.       The Look   The menus, search and general layout makes PamperTree wonderfully easy to use. I could tell from the first click exactly where I needed to go to find what I was looking for. After hours struggling with the wilds of google, an ongoing parade of adverts and more awkward website layouts than I can count, being able to simply click through felt like a dream. The whole system is intuitive and I felt so much more confident knowing that I wasn’t missing something because I couldn’t see it.  


2.       The Search   The search function on PamperTree really is one of the highlights of the service. With both a location option and a time and date window, right there in the search bar, I was able to set up what I needed before even getting started. The location function is so easy to use, (all I had to do was add my postcode), and from there it sorted the listings for me, helping me to find salons I hadn’t even realised existed nearby. And that’s to say nothing about the availability function. There is nothing worse than going through the whole process, finding the perfect place with the perfect services, clicking through to book and BAM, being hit by the disappointment of having no appointments available. By simply adding my preferred date and time right at the start the site intelligently removes those locations that have no appointments left when you need them. It saves so much time and disappointment that I almost gave this one its own heading, seriously, it’s wonderful.  


3.       The Price   We’re all counting pennies in this Pandemic, so any help, no matter how small, can be a godsend. This makes PamperTree’s offers page a miracle and then some. Listing all of the deals, discounts and vouchers available in all of the locations in my area, this gem of a page cuts out the need for bargain hunting and promo code scrounging. Instead, you can find the best price for what you’re after without needing to go anywhere else. They even list loyalty benefits for those looking to find their new home salon. It really is that simple.  


4.       The Reviews   When you book online you want the confirmation you would usually get by going into the store, maybe even talking to past clients. With PamperTree, instead of searching Trustpilot, yelp, google reviews or any of the other hundred review sites, I was able to read client experiences right on the listing page. Easy to access I was able to grab the piece of mind that my time shopping online had shaken. They even collate them into a score that sits next to each listing on the main search page. I could see the best deals from a mile away.  


5.       The Choice   This last one is part of what makes PamperTree so amazing. There are other comparison sites out there, that I will admit, but PamperTree has an edge that helps it rise above the rest. With PamperTree I can find everything, and I mean everything I need when it comes to not only my beauty but also my wellness and personal wellbeing. I found piercing options, tattoo parlours, weight loss clinics, massage salons, spas, hairdressers, beauty rooms, hotels, theatre experiences, trip packages, experience packages… and on and on, the list is endless. I was honestly blown away at just how much I could find on this one site, it truly is astounding.                  

There are so many other reasons too, but I’d be rambling all day and I have some ‘shopping’ to get back to. Safe to say with PamperTree I think I’ve found a service that really works for me. Give it a go and tell me what you think. Give me that sweet, sweet human interaction the Pandemic has starved us all of and comment below. Until next time…


Editer @ PamperTree

About Daisy: Daisy is an editor for PamperTree, She loves to do journalism and content marketing. She enjoys writing and sharing about beauty treatment, skin care, and Wellness tips. She worked as a Writer, Wordsmith, and Storyteller.

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