The cosmetic skin treatment rejuvenates your sagging skin using radio frequency waves. Dermatologists or plastic surgeons deliver radio frequency waves to the skin using radiofrequency machines. The waves stimulate collagen production by heating deeper layers of the skin. Plastic surgeons use different types of radio frequency waves to stimulate the production of collagen. But none of the radio frequency waves affects or damage the top layers of the skin.


An experienced dermatologist can complete the radio frequency skin tightening procedure in about 45 minutes. She will identify the skin to be tightened before using the radio frequency machine. She will use the appropriate machine to deliver the right type of radio frequency wave to the sagging skin. The heat-based energy will rejuvenate the skin by promoting the production of collagen and elastin. You will not experience pain during or after the nonsurgical skin tightening procedure.

radio frequency body contouring


Many people these days opt for radio frequency body contouring as an alternative to skin tightening surgeries. In addition to eliminating the risk of infections and complications, this nonsurgical procedure does not require you to follow specific aftercare instructions. Also, you can get radio frequency treatment to erase signs of aging, and tighten sagging skin. Many people these days get radio frequency treatment to slim their faces by breaking down additional fat cells.

Side Effects

Unlike surgical skin tightening procedures, radio frequency body contouring has no serious side effects or long recovery period. But the people with darker skin often experience a slew of temporary side effects – swelling, tingling, and redness – after getting this cosmetic treatment. You can easily manage the side effects by following the aftercare instructions shared by the dermatologist. However, you cannot manage these side effects efficiently while using home-use radio frequency therapy devices. 


The cost of radio frequency body treatment varies across dermatologists and plastic surgeons. But you can get the most out of this cosmetic skin tightening procedure only when it is performed by a certified and experienced dermatologist. The certified dermatologist will rejuvenate your skin using the appropriate radio frequency machines. Also, she will help you to manage these temporary side effects of therapy.

You can eliminate the risk of infections and complications by getting radio frequency body contouring instead of skin tightening surgeries. But you need to ensure that this cosmetic skin tightening treatment is performed only by a qualified plastic surgeon. Also, you must understand the important aspects of this body treatment to rejuvenate your sagging skin successfully.

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