While visiting a salon or spa, you can have the option to choose from different types of conch piercings. You can choose the appropriate style to get your inner and/or outer conch pierced. Also, you can get this style of piercing to wear pierces of stylish jewellery as well as treat chronic pain. Hence, you can customize conch piercings according to your precise objectives or needs.  

You must remember that conch piercing, like other body modification procedure, will make your experience pain. Also, you have to prevent infections and complications by taking care of the piercing adequately throughout the healing period. That is why; you have to focus on a slew of factors to get customized conch piercing without managing side effects and complications.

What Should You Keep in Mind While Getting Conch Piercings?


Many piercing shops allow you to choose from two different styles of conch piercing –

  • inner out conch piercing and
  • outer inner conch piercing.

When you opt for inner conch piercing, the piercing artist will pierce the cartilage at the centre of your ear. But she will pierce the cartilage above the inner conch when you opt for flat piercing or outer conch piercing. You should remember that inner conch piercing is more popular than outer conch piercing. 

The experienced piercers always use sterilized and single-use needles while piercing the outer or inner conch. They start the procedure by cleaning the conch and marking the site to be pierced on both sides. Finally, they insert the needle and secure the jewellery. However, the piercer needs to decide the size of the hole according to your choice of jewellery. As cartilage is not stretchable, he must increase the size of the hole if you want to wear a bigger piece of jewellery. 


Healing Time

While performing conch piercing, the artist will pierce your cartilage which does not get adequate blood supply. Hence, conch piercing is a form of body modification that needs more time to heal than other ear piercing styles. 
Normally, conch piercing heals completely in three to nine months. You must mitigate the risk of infections and complications during the healing period by following the aftercare instructions shared by the piercing artist.


Aftercare Instructions

Prevent infections and accelerate healing by following the aftercare instructions. The piercer will advise you to -
Clean the conch piercing at least twice a day using a saline solution during the initial three months. 
Wash your hands before touching or cleaning the piercing. 

Avoid touching and rotating the piercing frequently and remove the starter jewellery only after consulting the piercing artist. 


Pain Level

You will experience sharp pain during and throbbing pain after the conch piercing procedure. Pain levels vary from person to person and some people experience more pain than others. You must choose a certified and experienced piercer who will reduce the sharp pain using the appropriate technique. Also, the piercer will help you to reduce and manage the throbbing pain by sharing aftercare instructions. 



Several studies suggest that a large percentage of women have to treat infections as a side effect of conch piercing. In addition to reducing and managing pain, you have to focus on preventing and managing side effects while getting conch piercings. You can easily reduce the risk of infections by ensuring that the body modification is performed by a certified and skilled piercer. However, you must consult a doctor as soon as you detect signs of infections like pain, swelling, red skin, red streaks, or fever. 

You can get conch piercing for either ornamentation or therapeutic purposes. But you must remember that women often experience infections after getting this style of ear piercing. That is why; you must eliminate the risk of infection and complications by ensuring that the outer conch or inner conch is pierced only by a certified piercing artist. 

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