While visiting a spa or salon, you have the option to choose from many styles of ear piercing. Each style of ear piercing enables you to wear many stylish and trendy pieces of jewellery. You can opt for rook piercing as a form of inner ear piercing. While performing this type of ear piercing, the piercing artist or piercer will create an opening in the inner cartilage which is located between the inner conch and the forward helix. 

Like other body modification procedures, rook piercing will make you experience pain. But you can wear stylish rook jewellery safely only after the rook piercing heals completely. Also, you must take care of the piercing throughout the piercing process by following a slew of aftercare instructions. 

That is why; it becomes essential to focus on many important factors before comparing options to get rook piercing.

What You Should Keep in Mind While Getting Rook Piercing?

Pain Level

You must remember that rook piercing is a form of body modification. You will experience sharp pain as the artist inserts the jewellery in the inner cartilage. Also, you will experience throbbing pain for several days after the piercing appointment. You can easily reduce and manage the piercing pain by choosing an experienced piercer. In addition to using the appropriate technique, the experienced piercer will reduce pain by inserting the jewellery instantly.


Before getting rook piercing, you must understand some of the common side-effects of the body modification procedure – 

  • infections and 
  • allergic reactions. 

Sometimes the infections cause permanent ear deformity by damaging the pierced tissues. You must not get a rook piercing if you have specific health problems like diabetes, immune disorders, or heart problems.
It is always advisable to consult a doctor before booking an appointment if you have any of these health problems. At the same time, you must prevent infections and complications by ensuring that the procedure is performed only by a certified piercer and the piercing artist uses only a sterilised and single-use needle.


The piercing artist will advise you to get adequate rest, keep your body hydrated, and remain relaxed before the appointment. Before starting the body modification procedure, she will allow you to choose from a wide range of rook piercing jewellery. Also, she will mark the exact spot to be pierced and clean the site using a surgical solution. After preparing the site, she will use a hollow needle to create a puncture swiftly. She will complete the procedure by inserting and securing the starter jewellery.

Healing Time

The healing time for rook piercing varies from one person to another. But the healing period varies from two months to one year. You should experiment with various jewellery only when the rook piercing heals completely. Also, you must follow the aftercare instructions shared by the piercing artist throughout the healing period. It is always advisable to stop aftercare only after consulting the piercing artist.


Follow the aftercare instructions shared by the piercer throughout the healing period to prevent infections and complications. The piercer will advise you not to remove or change the starter jewellery till the piercing heals completely. 

Likewise, you need to clean the piercing using a sterile saline solution two to three times a day. Also, you must exercise care while using headphones, earbuds, mobile devices, and glasses. You can accelerate the healing process by eating nutritious food, sleep adequately, and exercising regularly.


The cost of rook piercing varies across spas and salons. You have to spend more to get the body modification performed by a qualified and experienced piercing artist or piercers. Also, you have to incur additional expenses to buy rook piercing jewellery. Hence, your choice of jewellery will have a direct impact on the rook piercing cost.

You can wear stylish pieces of jewellery after getting a rook piercing. But you must allow the piercing to heal completely before experimenting with trendy jewellery. Also, you must eliminate the chances of side effects and complications by ensuring that the body modification procedure is performed only by a certified and experienced piercer or piercing artist.

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