As a part of the traditional Ayurvedic system, Indian head massage helps you to relax your body and mind in a few minutes. Many entrepreneurs and professionals these days get Indian head massage regularly to boost their creativity and performance by relieving stress. You can enhance the benefits of Indian head massage by getting a ‘head and shoulder massage’. 

As the name suggests, massage therapists focus extensively on your head and shoulder while giving “head and shoulder massage”. Hence, you can get this integrated massage without removing your clothes or lying down on a massage table. Also, you have the option to get a ‘head and shoulder massage’ near you with or without oil.

In addition to relieving stress and tension, ‘head and shoulder massage’ will relax your muscles, improve your posture, and cure headaches and eye strain. You can personalize the massage therapy according to your precise needs by combining the appropriate massage technique and massage oil. But you must focus on some important factors to get the most out of it.

5 Things to Focus on to Make Head and Shoulder Massage More Effective

1) Massage Techniques

While performing this integrated massage therapy, therapists combine head and shoulder massage techniques. They promote physical and emotional relaxation using head massage techniques like 

  • kneading, 
  • circular frictions, 
  • and deep strokes. 

Also, they make the head massage more relaxing by stimulating acupressure points. 

At the same time, they relax the muscles and connective tissues using Swedish massage techniques and deep tissue massage techniques. But you can make the massage therapy more effective only when the therapist combines the appropriate ‘head and should massage’ techniques.

2) Massage Oils

While performing Indian head massage, therapists often use coconut oil. You can opt for coconut oil to prevent hair damage, hydrate dry hair, and get rid of dandruff. But most spas allow you to choose from a wide range of oils while getting ‘head and shoulder massage’. Hence, you can easily nourish and rejuvenate your hair by choosing the appropriate oil. You must consult the massage therapists to compare popular essential oils according to your precise needs.

3) Environment

You can get the ‘head and shoulder massage’ in various settings. Some professionals these days provide this massage in the form of chair massage or seated massage. But you can make the partial body massage more effective by visiting a spa near you. The spas these days make massage therapies more effective by providing a slew of facilities and services. Also, you can leverage the benefits of massage oil only by getting ‘head and shoulder massage’ in a spa setup.

4) Safety

While performing ‘head and shoulder massage’, therapists do not apply intense or sustained pressure on the upper part of the body. Hence, you will not experience pain or discomfort while getting this style of massage. But you must remember that certain essential oils might be allergic to your skin. Hence, you must check if the essential oil is compatible with your skin by asking the massage therapist to perform a patch test.

5) Massage Therapist

You can get the most out of the ‘head and shoulder massage’ only when the massage therapy is performed by a qualified and experienced therapist. While booking an appointment, you must choose a massage therapist who has experience in giving Indian head massage and shoulder massage. Also, you must ask specific questions to know if the therapist personalizes the massage therapy according to your precise needs by combining the appropriate massage techniques and oils.

You can experience physical and emotional relaxation in a few minutes by getting a ‘head and shoulder massage’ near you. But you must focus on personalizing this partial body massage according to your precise health needs. You can make it easier for the massage therapist to choose the appropriate massage techniques and oils by answering his questions honestly.

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